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    What do we mean by productivity benchmarking?

    I am working as an HR executive in Pragathi software consulting. We are consulting have provided employees and various other services with the organization. One of our client has given us to develop Productivity benchmarking report. As this is new to me, can anybody tell what do we mean by that and how do we develop productivity benchmarking report? On what basis we measure it?

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    Re: What do we mean by productivity benchmarking?

    Productivity is the ratio of output to input and benchmark is the standard by which all those assets or materials involved with outputs and inputs are compared and measured. So productivity benchmarking is comparing the workers/employees and the materials used for producing the outputs in a company and measuring their productivity. Its not only for companies producing particular products but it also applies to companies or agencies which are into services. Productivity benchmarking is good and essential for every company it helps the company in improving its services or products, this is because by finding out the qualities of an employee and correcting it individually according to the need of the company you will bring forth many committed and professional employees. Thats all about productivity benchmarking but it is not complete without planning strategic steps to improve the qualities after measuring it, so prepare yourself and your company before benchmarking.

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    Re: What do we mean by productivity benchmarking?


    Productivity benchmarking is a new term coined in today's business environment. You have to make a report based on your companies performance. The steps for this should be like this.:-

    First of all you have to read the full history of your company and after that you have to see how your company usually work to earn profit. After that you have to see or read the report of the other companies and see how they working and earning more than your company. After that you have evaluate the whole process and once you evaluate it then after you have to tell in that report that what corrective measure should be taken to improve the profit of the company. The new report made after analysing your company's performance and selecting out the best plan out of it to improve the sales will be your productivity benchmarking that means the new target of your company along with the way you should achieve it.

    Hope it will help you.


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    Re: What do we mean by productivity benchmarking?

    Companies in different industries may have different productivity benchmarks. The productivity benchmark of companies belonging to the same industry may even have subtle differences in their productivity benchmarks. In its basic economic definition, productivity is the ratio of output to input. In most cases, it entails to production and processes. Mostly, the output refers to the product or service in production while the inputs are the resources used for conversion process. Benchmark, on the other hand, is the standard by which all items are compared and measured. The benchmark of one industry can be different from that of another industry, which can be attributed mostly to the differences in products or services.

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