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    What to do to make a good resume?

    I am a graduate in engineering. I had submitted my resume in some of the private companies for jobs. But they rejected my resume saying that they are looking for a better resume. How to make a good resume so that the companies are pleased with it?

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    Re: What to do to make a good resume?

    Hi aspirant

    It is really sad that your resume was rejected in such a manner by the companies in which you applied.But you should not get disheartened and certainly try to improve on your resume and thus try to make it more appealing. First of all the best option I can think for you, is to get the help of a professional resume maker to design your resume and make the necessary corrections to make it more attractive so that everyone is plaesed by it.

    Some other tips are as follows.
    . Keep your resume short and in a good language. Try to restrict it to 2 pages.
    . Make it more impressive by adding some extra courses you have done during your college time like computer languages, autocad, foreign languages. Also if you have been part of some organization, you can add that too.
    . Also do some social work and add that to your resume as well as some part time jobs.
    . Use proper grammar and dont omit anything under your job experience column.

    I am sure friend you are capable of making a good resume , you just have to put that extra effort. I hope you get a good job and thus have a bright future. All the best and Thanks

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