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    What to do if production asks to be biased in a reality show?

    I am a director of a reality show in one of the local channels of India. Recently a notice has come from the higher authority stating that we should be biased towards a particular candidate and see that she is not eliminated inorder to uplift the TRP of the show. What should be done to prevent this type of injustice to other participants?

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    Re: What to do if production asks to be biased in a reality show?

    Hi aspirant

    You are certainly right and such type of injustice should certainly not be done in a reality show as this will lead to other participants suffering . So there should certainly be no bias towards one particular candidate in such types of reality shows. But sadly this is the state of affairs in almost every reality show where the production houses are simply interested in increasing the TRP's of their shows and don't care about the candidates at all. They don't even think that such bias can ruin the future of others and they may never get another chance like this to come into limelight. People only get one such chance in their lifetime where they can really make it to the top but with the interference of these production houses all their hard work and the efforts they put get ruined just because the production houses are supporting some other candidate to increase their TRP's.

    So I think everyone should be given a fair chance . In ordeer to prevent such injustice you should definitely talk to the production house offcials and put your view point in front of them. Tell them that if they support a particular contestant, all the others will suffer due to this and their efforts will go to waste. Thus should try to be fair and not be biased towards a particular contestant. In thius way the show will appear to be more real and not scripted like every other reality show now-a-days. Thus the public may like their show more duer to the reality factor.

    I hope your productuion understands your viewpoint and thus not indulge in such tactics. All the best and Thanks

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