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    What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?

    I am working in Accenture for the past two years. The company has organized a foreign tour for me. I will be accompanied by two more colleagues. But I want to change my partner as I don't have good relation with him. How can I change my partner for the foreign tour? please help.

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    Re: What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?

    I am sorry to state that it is not advisable to request change of partner from a professional point of view especially when the higher authority has already taken a decision in this issue.Adjustment is a key to success in professional world.You should adjust to the circumstances and the situation professionally.More importantly,the personal matters should not be mingled with the professional matters.

    However,keeping in mind about the bad relation between you and the other partner for the foreign tour,you should take steps against this issue.If the grudges between you and him can be solved at a personal level then you both should solve it for the sake of the company as well as your careers.If the grudges cannot be solved then approach the higher authority.

    -Have a meeting with your boss and tell him all the problems between both of you.
    -Explain him the negative impact of such bad relation which might hamper the result of the tasks done during the tour.
    -Request him to solve the matter.
    -Request him for a change of partner if possible.
    -Request him to also talk to the person concerned regarding solving this matter.
    -Assure him of your professional attitude concerning this issue.

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    Re: What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?

    Hi friend

    You should not try to change your partner because if you change your partner then he will lose a chance to go on this foreign tour. I think you should be more considerate towards your co-workers and not only think of Yourself.

    As far as your relation with this colleague is concerned, you shoukd take it in a positive way, and take this as an opprtunity to work with him and get to know him better and try and build good relations instead.

    You can do so by starting some conversation yourself and appreciating his works. Gradually, he will also realise that you are being good to him and he will reciprocate definitely and hopefully you will share cordial relations.

    Hence, you can turn this into a friendly tour.
    All the best..

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    Re: What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?

    hello friends..

    @ first of all,contact you HR for your issue

    @ and also contact your Manger for changing the Partner for Foreign Tour

    @ try to covence both HR and Manager

    @ request him to solve the matter

    @ try to tell your partner negatives

    @ they will change the partner surely

    all the best

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    Re: What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?


    You must have a team for your foreign tour.
    There must me some one head in it.
    You need to contact him for the same issue.
    You need to explain your problem and ask for the solution.
    You can also contact HR department for the same.


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    Re: What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?

    My apologies to convey that it must be definitely not far better to inquire switch connected with spouse from a professional standpoint particularly if the higher power has taken a decision on this issue.Adjustment is really a way to succeed with expert world.You ought to adjust to circumstances as well as scenario professionally.More importantly,the private matters shouldn't be mingled together with the expert matters.

    On the other hand,remember pertaining to the negative regards amongst you and the various other spouse with the foreign expedition,you ought to take the appropriate steps out of this issue.If the particular grudges amongst you and the pup might be fixed from a private stage then each of you ought to resolve it in the interest of the business in addition to your careers.If the particular grudges can not be fixed then approach the higher authority.

    Have a legitimate your employer as well as let him know many the down sides amongst both of you.
    Make clear the pup the particular unfavorable influence for these awful regards which could obstruct the consequence of the duties performed over the tour.
    Ask for the pup to eliminate the particular matter.
    Ask for the pup on a regular basis connected with spouse if perhaps possible.
    Ask for the pup to also talk to the individual concerned concerning clearing up this matter.
    Ensure the pup of one's expert approach regarding this issue.
    It's not necassary to consider to modify your spouse as if you change your companion then he will shed an opportunity to carry on this foreign tour. I'm sure you will be a lot more thoughtful in the direction of the co-workers as well as not merely visualize Yourself.

    In terms of the regards using this type of associate is worried, anyone shoukd take it in having a positive method, as well as take this as being an opprtunity to use the pup as well as study the pup far better and attempt and build good contact instead.

    That can be done simply by establishing some dialog your self as well as admiring his or her works. Gradually, he will in addition appreciate that you will be staying good to help the pup and that he will certainly reciprocate certainly as well as ideally you'll write about friendly relations.

    As a result, anyone are able to turn this directly into a friendly tour.
    You must have any team for your foreign tour.
    Now there need to me personally some one mind with it.
    You'll want to get hold of the pup for similar issue.
    You'll want to reveal your short lived problem inquire about the particular solution.
    Also you can get hold of HR section with the same.

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