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    What to do after B.Tech from IIT-Delhi?

    I am in 4th year IIT delhi and really confused about my future! I really need some advice for a good post grad course!

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    Re: What to do after B.Tech from IIT-Delhi?

    You didn't gave any information about the branch you are in. Why you are confused about your future. You have done your course from one of the priemere institutes of India. You can even go for a good job at this level after completing your course. Means that it won't be a compulsion that if you donot do a specialisation course than you will not have a future. You should be confident, you are a talented and intelligent person that is why you were able to make a place for yourself at IIT.

    Now if you want to do a PG course than it depends highly on your interese wether it is computer,electrical, mechanical ,chemical engineering or any other. See no one can assure you to take a particular course which is better than others because all of them are good at there level and all have there importance in the industry. Your interest is the most important thing as this can only help you getting best from the course.

    You can even go to mangement courses if you want to change your track from engineering to other areas, also now a days there are new branches coming out like nanotechnology, biological engineering or more specific like computational biology, genetic engineering etc. So there is no limit to the courses or say good course that can be done at post graduate level.

    So you will have to take decision on keeping your interest in mind. Also other thing you must be sure that the institute you do take admission has the standards of IITs as ultimately all this effects your CV.

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    Re: What to do after B.Tech from IIT-Delhi?

    hello sir
    my suggestion to you that you have to prepare for the compaction like gate, psu ,ies and all the different government jobs because this is the time where you have to think about your future if you are prepare for the gate , psu and the ies exams the made easy institute is best for you it is also situated in the Delhi. Now regular check the website of the made easy and get admission in this coaching institute and if you are interested in the banks jobs then you have to apply in the bank po and sto exam which generally held in the month of June to November..
    Thanking you hopes you like my suggestion…..

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