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    What is the difference between CA and ICWA? Are both same?

    I am doing my 1st Year B.com. I am planning to take up higher course like CA or ICWA. What is the difference between that? CA means Chartered account which relates to auditing accounts and ICWA means Cost and work accounts. Are they required for the company? Please help me in finding out the answer for this.

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    Re: What is the difference between CA and ICWA? Are both same?

    CA(Chartered accountancy) and ICWA(Institution for Cost and Works Accountants) are different.
    The difference between CA and ICWA are:
    1) Thorough knowledge of every aspect of accounting, auditing and taxation.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]2) CAs are involved in core accounting works of an organisation.
    3) CAs analyse risk and design efficient financial system.
    4) Important skills required is that patience and confidence to handle responsibility.
    1) Knowledge of cost and financial management.
    2) Cost accountants are involved in the costing part of financial transactions.
    3) Cost management and Designing cost control methods are the main duties of cost accountant.
    4) The skill required is good communication.

    You can easily understand what is the need of these two positions in n organisation from the information given above.

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    Re: What is the difference between CA and ICWA? Are both same?

    Dear Aspirant,

    CA & ICWA can be done after passing 10+2 exam with any stream or after completion of B.COM.Both are required by the company.But the CA can practice its own.For details you can visit the website www.ica.ac.in & www.icwa.ac.in for CA & ICWA respectively.

    Duty of CA

    1.to prepare financial report & management report.

    2.Liasing with internal & External auditors.

    3.carrying out taxation & auditing work.

    4.Advising on tax & tax planning.

    5.to prepare the annual report of the company.

    Duty of ICWA

    1 work on cost & financial management.


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