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    What can I do if my earned leaves not sanctioned?

    I submitted my PL application in 30 day's advance for avail leave to my officer but he not sanctioned my earn leave. All staff were present in the period of my leave. what can I do?

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    Re: What can I do if my earned leaves not sanctioned?

    Dear this is injustice because when you are applying for your earned leaves from the company then you must get it but you did not get it on time so that you should not worry and go to your manager and ask them the reason that didn't they allow you for leave and if they say that there is a lot of work in the company and they need you much at present then you should accept but you also should keep your argument that if you finish your work then you will get leaves from the work and I am sure that your boss will understand and will give your leaves and if your boss does not tell you the actual reason of not approving your leaves then you should tell them the accurate reason that why do you want leaves and if your argument is positive and you are not going outside on leave for any extra unnecessary work then you will definitely be allowed to go on leave but must go to the boss and get the reason

    All the best

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    Re: What can I do if my earned leaves not sanctioned?


    You can o the following points..

    1. Check first, in there any problem in your application.
    2. If not, then go meet your boss.
    3. Ask him about , is there any problem ...why they are not providing you leave.
    4. If there is no big issue then try to convince him.
    5. Without talking to your boss , there is no hope for leave.
    6. So don't think so much go and meet your boss.


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