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    We get assignments from our boss for sunday

    What started as a fun exercise has not become full time work for us. Initially our boss used to give us fun activities to try at home on a sunday and we used to give him our review. Lately those fun exercises have become work. We now get presentations and programs to complete at home. How do we put a stop to his?

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    Re: We get assignments from our boss for sunday

    Dear aspirant,
    Explain all the reasons as possible how you cannot take care of your family member even its holiday and how many problems occurred at home because of your Sunday home work and tell him you didn't get relaxation and peace to your mind which is necessary.i think your boss will understand your situation.

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    Re: We get assignments from our boss for sunday

    You have to tell your Bose directly that you are not interested in assignment on Sunday stating the following reasons-

    1 You don't get time for your family due to this assignment

    2 promise him /her that you will complete such work in office only

    3 You are getting salary for working hrs only so if your Bose is still forcing you to do work then you should contact your higher authorities.

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