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    Way for Medical issues to be kept secret?

    I am a chartered accountant with a multinational company. I am diagnosed with liver infection. I need leaves but I do not wish to get the news leaked in the fraternity. Please share a solution.

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    Re: Way for Medical issues to be kept secret?

    Hi friend

    Your problem is definitely understandable and you should definitely not reveal your disorder to your fraternity as it is too personal a mattter for you. firstly I am really sorry for you that you have to undergo such a problem and hope you recover soon . As for your problem you shoulod definitely deal with it in a proper way and should not let your fraternity know about it. You should try to make up an excuse for it like you are going on a foreign trip so want casual leaves for it. Or you can get a fake madical certificate showing that you have some other problem and thus want leaves for it.

    Also you can make an excuse regarding the sickness of some of your family member and thus you have to take some leaves. So friend think the best possible excuse for it and then you should be able to convince your manager regarding the same. If he gets convinced your job will be done and thus you will get your leaves sanctioned. Don't worry friend. Don't take any stress and take proper care of your health.Take proper medications .

    I hope you reciover soon. Good luck

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