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    Watched during notice period and backfired by boss on informing

    Recently, I announced my notice period in the office. Later, I realized that someone had been accessing my office computer behind the back. I tried to put this information before the boss but he backfired. It is kind of unethical, please help me.

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    Re: Watched during notice period and backfired by boss on informing

    Hi aspirant

    You should not let soomeone access your computer behind your back as that is highly unethical and I am sure that you should not let a such thing happen as it can even harm you in some way or the other. Now as you told that when you told your boss about this but he backfired, I think this kind of behaviour on the part of your boss is highly ridiculous . He is here to help his employees and understand their problems and not to reprimand them unnecessarily. You should make him realise this and then I am sure he will surely help you out.

    So you should go again to your boss's office and dont be afraid to encounter him again on the same matter. Tell him that as he is the boss of the company, all the employees look upto him for help and if he sends them away without helping them then they will be dissatisfied with him and may stop idolizing him. He should try to help them out in whatever way he can.Then again tell him about your problem and that you feel it to be highly unethical on the part of that employee. Tell him to find out who the culprit is and punish him as necessary.

    I am quite sure your boss will listen to you and thus your tension will be relieved. No one has the right to use your belongings without your permission behind your back and such a person certainly deserves a punishment.

    All the best friend and Thanks

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