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    Very less staff and thus more work pressure

    I am an MBBS student doing internship in a Government hospital. In our batch there are just 50 students but the attached hospital is very big and thus they put lot of pressure on interns like giving 2 wards to 1 intern. Should not they increase the no. of seats? What to do in such a case?

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    Re: Very less staff and thus more work pressure

    Hi aspirant

    I think your college authorities should certainly look into this matter and try to decrease the work pressure on the students. They should certainly increase the number of seats thus increasing the number of students and hence less work pressure on 1 student. You should try to talk to your management regarding this and request them to increase the number of seats as there is lot of work pressure on each student thus they are not able to perform their tasks efficiently.

    Write a request letter to them and get it signed by all the students. I hope they understand your problem and provide you with an appropriate solution. Your college authorities certainly should listen to the plea of their students so as to reduce the burden on them. Lets hope for the best. Good luck to you

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    Re: Very less staff and thus more work pressure

    Dear Friend!

    I think, there are a variety of steps you can take to reduce both your overall stress levels and pressure if they are not increasing staffs. these include:

    Taking responsibility
    Avoiding pitfalls
    Make food choices that keep you going
    Get enough sleep
    Create a Balance schedule
    Don't over - commit yourself
    Prioritize tasks
    Break projects into small steps
    Be willing to compromise
    Resist perfectionism
    Clean up your act
    Flip your negative thinking
    Don't try to control the uncontrollable.

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    Re: Very less staff and thus more work pressure

    hi friends...

    staff less means you will get the more work here

    you will learn how to capable of yourself when was in alone

    you will all leadership here

    you have a good responsibility

    work pressure is more but you will know all things what ever in the hospital

    all the best

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