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    Very difficult to get our leaves sanctioned

    I am working in a software company. Our boss is a very haughty person and behaves like a dictator. He does not sanction our leaves especially if we have to attend some marriage or function. I think such kind of behaviour on his part is highly ridiculous. What should we do in such a case?

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    Re: Very difficult to get our leaves sanctioned

    Hi friend

    I think your boss needs to be taught a lesson that he will never forget and thus don't behave in such a way. He should not misuse his power in this manner and thus learn to deal properly with his employees and treat them with respect. He should realise that his duty is to help his employees when they need it and not to create unnecessary problems for them. If he realises this then he will never act like a dictator again and thus you all will also be relieved. And it is you only who can make him realise this.

    You along with some other colleagues should go to your boss and thus speak to him in this regard . Tell him that he should behave with all his employees in a proper way otherwise no one will respect him. You have come here so that he can be a good boss and everyone respects him. Everyone respects a good human being and you all too want your boss to fall in that category. He should not behave badly with his employees and treat them like his subordinates. Rather he should treat them like his friends so they too can look upto him and respect him. You hope that he will not mind this and thus will try to see through your point. Then he will surely realise that what they are telling him is totally for his own good and not only for their good. You just hope he understands you.

    I am sure your boss will certainly take notice of you and what you have told him and will surely give it some thought. Then hopefully, if he has a heart, he will realise his mistake and will realise that what he had been doing for all these years was completely wrong on his part. In this way he will improve himself and will behave in a proper manner with his employees. Then you too can heave a sigh of relief.

    But in case he is still adamant to continue with his behaviour , its better you go and report him to the higher authorities and they will then set him right and teach him how to be a good boss. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Very difficult to get our leaves sanctioned

    hello friends..

    @ this is a common issues in software company

    @ to avoid this kind of problems

    @ first of all,maintain good performance and good behavior in the company

    @ be close with colleagues

    @ and also friendly with your boss

    @ at that time ask your boss to give the leaves

    @ otherwise try to convence him

    all the best

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