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    Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    I am working in a software company. Recently my best friend was terminated from his job. We have been working together in this company since the past 10 years and were best buddies. He was very badly harassed for something which he wasnít a part of . He had to face a lot of criticism.I tried to help him but failed I am really very sad at his termination and the way he was terminated. How to deal with this?

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    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    If you think that your friend is not a part of that situation then you must take initiative to fight back .
    You can gather proof and information regarding this matter and contradict on the blame.
    Then you can approach your management to take your friend back in the job.
    Thank you

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    Smile Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    Hope that you are in good health.

    See,such things are very common in an organization.
    Employees try to malign the image of others in order to come into the limelight and get a bonus or an increment.
    This happens in every organization.
    But the most important thing is that you need to be very cautious of such things and take every step with full consciousness and alert.
    Don't do any thing that might lead you to boiling waters.
    Back stabbing is very common phenomenon.

    Is it sad to hear that your best friend was a victim of this too.
    I think you should first of all console him and tell him that this is not the end of the road.
    There are many many opportunities and lie ahead in life.
    Be composed and be confident.

    As far as you are concerned,see,people come and go in life.
    You'll come across many such good people in the road of life.
    Things come and go.
    This is the Law of Nature.
    So don't be disheartened that your best friend is no more in the company.
    You can still talk to him on phone and be in touch with him.
    Not only this,you can meet him on Saturdays and Sundays.

    But the most important thing is that you need to be more watchful while working and make sure that the same story is not repeated with you.
    Try to find out the person who is involved in back stabbing and make sure that you deal with him efficiently.

    Keep working hard and be focused!

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    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely not get so disheartened and try to support your friend in such a time of grief. If you yourself become weak in this situation, then how will you lend your support to your friend who will be in much more grief and depression than you are. So its time for you to take control of the procedings and help your friend in resuming his life from a new point. You should go and support him when he needs you the most and you can only do this if you yourself are strong.

    You should console him and tell him that he should not worry as such things happen in life and one should try to deal with them bravely. One should not get weak in such a situation as that will be even more dangerous for his future. He and the people that matter to him , know that he was not guilty and that should be enough for him to forget what happened and thus start afresh. Otherwise if he keeps on thinking about it, it will not be good for his health as well as for his future. It will be a little difficult for him in the beginning but with time, he would surely be able to forget about this incident. You are alawys there for him and so are his family and relatives. He should start his life afresh and you are sure he will be very successful.

    I am sure that your friend will be motivated and thus will hopefully forget about this bitter event. good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    hello sirThis is your thinking that your friend was not a part of any incident or corruption but this thinking does not belong to your boss or higher authority.but I am so sad to hearing that your best friend was a victim of any illegal task.If you think and be confident then gathering all informations ,evidences or other details that may helpful to find out true story behind the task.So i want to suggest that you should first of all visit him(your friend ) and tell him that this is not the end of the fight.this is world where any body is not safe .There are so many opportunities those are waiting you so Be ready and be confident.As I can understand that you are a confident person so success will definitely touch your feet.You should not it by heart because it is the negative role of life.a positive role is to go so ready nowAll the. best

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    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    Hi Dear, Life is not a bed of roses all the time. We cannot be gifted with bliss and happiness every time. This is against the law of nature and we are expected to accept both happiness and sorrow with great courage and move on in life. So, dear, the situation in which your friend is thrown today by the circumstances, has to be faced with a lot of strength and headstrong attitude. Even you need to be very strong and optimistic at the moment so that you can infuse optimism and courage in the mind and heart of your friend. Tell him that losing one job is not the end of the world but there are extremely rewarding and immense opportunities in store for him. He just needs to venture out in the open market and look for other suitable opportunities for himself. Help him to get another job at the earliest and motivate him to forget about the past but look forward and seize other opportunities in the market. Once he would get settled somewhere else, the plethora of troubles that he was inflicted upon by his previous firm would be a part of the erased past and he would find a new place to prove his worth which would keep him very busy and happy. Thanks.

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    Re: Very depressed due to my best friendís termination

    Dear this time your friend need to have consolation because he got hearted too much and faced discrimination in your office premises and I do not believe that how your company can do this with a employee who is working for the past 10 years and contributing the best as he can and this shows that how selfish the private sector is in profession and they can do anything for their own advantage

    First you should go to your friend and make him understand that he does not need to worry about this issue and forget whatever happened in the past because if you will remember the past then you will not get any profit in future and this is the stage when we have learned that what is the result of working in private sector companies and you should believe in yourself that you have the experience of more than 10 years in working software companies and I am sure that you will get better job than before because experienced persons are mainly preferred by top companies and you will start earning again so he will understand the situation

    If you will say that you wants to work with him in the same company then he will be happy to know your dedication for the friend and I would like to suggest you that when your friend apply for job anywhere then you should also post your resume in that company because there is no trust that when your company fire you and mostly companies fires those candidates who have been working so long because freshers work on less payment so they hire freshers to work in company and when you get your new job on the basis of your knowledge and experience then you should resign the company and join the new job and start your life again from a new corner

    All the best

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