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    Updates for Labour Law in an organisation?

    I am working in a manufacturing unit. An employee need to be alert for his rights. Please send me the latest updates of Labour law.

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    Arjun Array
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    Re: Updates for Labour Law in an organisation?

    Dear, asker it is right to keep record of all the law related to your work,you can search the rule update from your company itself,the rule relating to labour rights and duties.Or if you want to have extra idea about labour rule you can collect it from ILO(international labour organisation) website.With Thanks

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    pathakg Array
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    Re: Updates for Labour Law in an organisation?

    Hello friend
    If your company is regulated by company act 1956 then you have rights to ask all informations related wages,leaves,work hours.
    *FACTORY ACT 1948 Is set to the workers wellfare. This act has these rights:
    *scope of the act is effective on all states.
    *registration,verification is must for every workes.
    *health,safety,and welfare.
    *appointment of labour welfare officer.
    *employment for childran and minors in case of orphan.
    *set working hours/ day
    *avoid the abolition in communities.
    *leave with wages(for adult 1 leave in 20 days and childran 1 leave in 15 days)
    *information of all accidental case to the relatives.
    *provisions for penalty.
    *paid for over time


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