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    Unusual lunch timing after 4PM by employer

    We had a regular time for lunch at 1:30 PM till 2:30 PM.But recently a new norm came by the employer which very weird to listen and unhealthy for all the employees. Our employer ordered everybody in our office to have lunch after 4 PM so that nobody feels lazy at peak hours of working. Is this justifiable?

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    Re: Unusual lunch timing after 4PM by employer

    no its not justified having lunch after 4pm is harmful to your health as because its unusual timing and human digestive system is not a machine to digest food whenever we like to have food that too at odd timing..having food doesn't make employer lazy.. your employer's order is totally unjustified and not accepted..when you have food at odd timings then it leads to many health problems and even food is not digested ,this may be also lead to stress ,fatigue and many issues.. you all employees should educate your employer on health issues and food eating habits,i think he really deserves your lecture,make him understand the value of lunch timings even a daily labourer will go to lunch at 1:30 which is proper time for having lunch.
    your boss is very typical in his thoughts,make him understand that having lunch doesn't make people lazy but having excess food which is not required will make people lazy and time to time eating habits make people lazy and over eating leads to obesity...

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    Re: Unusual lunch timing after 4PM by employer

    Remember the Boss is always right.
    When it comes to you employees you can opt for another tiffin time of half an hour within 11.30 to 12 and then at 4pm.
    Approach your boss in a group and state your problems.
    You will identify the problem behind this decisions of your boss.
    Try to overcome the difficulties along with your boss.
    See that you enjoy the same lunch time again.

    bye & take care.

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    Re: Unusual lunch timing after 4PM by employer

    Hi aspirant

    I don't think this is justfiable at all. 4pm is too late a time for having lunch as most of the people will start feeling hungry by 1-30. So this is not good for the employees as after 1-30 I am sure they will not be able to concentrate on their work as their mind will be on lunch. Thus this will not be a good change for the company and rather will worsen the situation. All the employees should definitely raise their voice in this matter and thus should get justice in this case.

    So you should go and speak to your manager. Tell him that all the employees are highly dissatisfied with the new rule of the lunch break being at 4 pm so that no one feels lazy during the peak hours of working. You don't think this is fair as well as it is very unhealthy for the employees as all of us will start feeling hungry at 1-30 pm and thus will not be able to work with full concentration after that. So this is bad for the employees as well as the company . so you request him to look into this matter and thus reconsider the decision in the favour of the employees.

    I hope your management will accept your request. Good luck

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