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    Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees

    I am working in an automobile company. Recently every employee of our firm received a letter stating that due to some financial crisis our salary has been reduced to half.But I donít think this is fair and nothing like this was said when we were given the job. What can we do in such a case?

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    Re: Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees

    Hi aspirant

    Such things are never mentioned in your appointment letter when you join the company but these things are understandable and you should think from your company's point of view. Now as your company is going through financial crisis, this means it does not have enough resources to adequately pay all its employees, thus they have been forced to reduce your salaries to half of their previous value. Another option for them would have been the layoffs and now you should be thankful that they didn't go that way as it may have resulted in you losing your job. So if you think from your company's point of view, I think they are certainly justified in taking such steps.

    So friend you should not only think about yourself but stand by your company in these difficult times, which has given you so much in the past few years. You should have some patience and pray that your company will recover soon from this financial drawback. but if you are so strongly against this then you should either talk to your manager about it or try finding another suitable job for you. But in my opinion you should be on your company's side in these difficult times.

    I hope you uhave understood my point. Good luck

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    Re: Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees

    This is a tough time for most of the private companies due to recession in the international market.Even your company is not spared of recession and its after effects.Hence,financial crisis has occurred in your company.This is a common scenario in most of the companies.As a consequence,the company has to take steps to combat the losses.There are various steps taken by the companies like:-

    -Reduction in salaries.
    -Sacking of employees from jobs.
    -Ceasing of further recruitment.

    Your company has chosen reduction of salaries of employees to combat the losses and to stabilize the economic conditions of the company.You being a part of your company should cooperate with your company's decision because it is taken thinking of the good future of the company.This is usually not mentioned in the job offer but you have to hold patience and bear with the company's present condition for some time and accept the decision of the higher authority.In this circumstances,if you go against the decision of the company,you might be sacked from your job.

    Hence,you should accept the decision of reduction in salary.You can atmost discuss this matter with your boss and know as to why the company was compelled to take such a decision against the employees.You can also enquire about the period of time over which this decision will be implemented.You can try for other company's job posts which are well reputed and less affected by recession.

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    Re: Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees

    hello friends..

    @ it is very sad to you,first of all understand your company status

    @ company was in financial crisis so understand that

    @ if company in good position they will give higher salary with bonus also

    @ wait for few months for your company will be recovered

    @ otherwise resign and join in the other company

    all the best

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    Re: Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees

    May be aren't described in the appointment page when you enroll in this company nevertheless these everything is simple to comprehend and you will imagine from your organization's reason for view. At this point since your enterprise is under-going economic crisis, therefore this doesn't need sufficient assets to adequately pay it's staff, consequently they've been made to lower pays to half his or her prior value. Another option for these people might have been the lay offs and you will need to have fun here that they did not proceed because of this as it can certainly get lead to you sacrificing your job. Therefore if you feel from your organization's viewpoint, There's no doubt that people are extremely warranted inside acquiring this sort of steps.

    Therefore companion you should not simply imagine with regards to you but stand by your small business in these hardship, that's supplied you a great deal in past times couple of years. You should have quite a few tolerance as well as hope that your particular corporation will certainly retrieve soon with this personal drawback. but if you're therefore passionately from this then you certainly will need to frequently speak with your manager regarding it or maybe test discovering a different acceptable task for you. Nevertheless in my opinion you have to be on your own organization's section in these challenging times.
    That is a tough time pertaining to the vast majority of confidential organizations caused by recession inside overseas market.Even your enterprise is not really able to escape associated with recession as well as its immediately after effects.Hence,economic crisis offers took place in your company.This is a common circumstance inside the vast majority of companies.As a result,this company has to take steps to beat the losses.There are generally a variety of actions taken from the the likes of:-
    Decline in salaries.
    Sacking associated with staff by jobs.
    Slowing associated with even more recruitment.
    Your business offers selected lowering of pays associated with staff to beat the losses and become stable the economical situations on the company.You remaining section of your small business will need to work along with your organization's selection as it would be taken thinking on the superior future on the company.This will be not often described inside career provide but you must carry tolerance as well as keep while using organization's offer situation pertaining to skill and recognize your decision on the bigger authority.In this particular instances,in the event you're going from your decision on the corporation,you might be sacked from your job.

    For this reason,it is best to recognize your decision associated with decline in salary.You can easily atmost examine this particular matter along with your leader as well as find out why this company seemed to be obligated for taking this sort of selection against the employees.You may also question the timeframe over which this particular selection is going to be implemented.You can easily try for alternative organization's career discussions which in turn are esteemed and less troubled by recession.

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