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    University and deemed university

    My son has been offered admission to two colleges, one is under a university and the other is under a deemed university. The fees of the deemed university is less but I donít know what is the difference between the two. Can somebody through some light on this?

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    Re: University and deemed university

    Dear Friend,

    It is better to get admission in regular university rather than a deemed university.

    The reason is that the credibility of the certificates issued by these deemed universities may not be valid for some companies or governments.

    Also the answer paper evaluation is within the college campus itself which is another disadvantage as far as deemed universities are concerned.

    The syllabus may not be a good one as compared to the regular universities since small no. of students are studying the same syllabus.

    These are some of the cons of deemed universities.

    Even though all deemed universities are not like that.

    Please take a wise decision.

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    Re: University and deemed university


    You are already aware of facts regarding a university.So I am not discussing about it further.But a deemed university is nothing but a prestigous high performing institution which has been given the status of autonomy by UGC.You can take the example of St.Xaviers College as an example of deemed university.They have their own syllabus,courses and curriculum and even frame their own questions.

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    Re: University and deemed university

    It can be understood as follows:

    A university is the main authority that governs all the colleges affiliated to it.

    Thus the colleges must have the recognition of the university so that its degree can be recognised.

    The university takes all decisions like the syllabus, examinations, results,tenure of course etc and the affiliated colleges have to follow those decisions.

    There are two types of universities:

    State University: Comes under state government authority

    Central University/: Comes under central govt. authority

    A deemed university is one college, which is treated like an university itself..

    It has all the powers of the university , that is they are totally autonomous or self governing.

    Some examples of deemed university are






    BANASTHALI Vidhyapeeth

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    Re: University and deemed university


    Sir, the main difference between deemed and other universities are that in deemed university all the academic programs are conducted by the university itself , you can say that the exams pattern, exams dates, marking system is totally is in hand of that university itself while apart from this other universities are affiliated with some other university or some state universities. Deemed university is better than the other kind of universities.


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    Re: University and deemed university

    First of all,I would like to congratulate you and your son for getting call for admission from two universities.It is a common feature in India that there is scarcity of seats in good colleges and there are demands and rallies often seen in order to increase the amount of seats in every colleges to facilitate the admission of more number of students.

    It is often seen that many students are not getting seats due to their low marks or not better marks from their counterparts.There is almost no room for below standard students since the competition level has increased a lot in modern world.Hence you should be glad that your son has two options for getting into higher studies.

    Coming to your query,university and deemed university are totally different things.University is the status given by the Department of higher studies under UGC to those educational organizations which are run either by the Central Government or the State Government or the Central and State both.They are considered the best institutes and are also given preference while recruitment by any company.Getting admission into them is quite difficult since competition is more.

    On the other hand,deemed university is the status of autonomy given by UGC to those educational organizations which are run by the private authority and are holding a good value in the modern world.They are given the power to decide their own course of study and the fees,however UGC has a time to time check over these and the standards maintained by the university.In modern world it is seen that the deemed universities are progressing at good pace and also has be proven better than some of the universities due to various tie ups and MOUs with many private organizations.

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