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    Unemployed even after clearing the intermediate stage of CA course

    I am currently doing my CA course. Its been 2 years since I have passed my intermediate stage and I havenít got a job still. I have not been able to pass my final level due to some personal problems but many people have told me that I can get a good job even after passing my intermediate level. But I havenít been able to find one. Please guide me in the right direction as I am very depressed right now.

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    Re: Unemployed even after clearing the intermediate stage of CA course

    Hi aspirant

    I think for now you should concentrate on your CA degree and should try to clear the final level as soon as possible rather than thinking about finding a job at this stage. You definitely can get a good job at this stage also but when you will clear the final , the job you will get at that time will much better for your future as well as from earning point of view.So friend for now you should give all your focus to your degree and work as hard as you can to clear your final stage.

    Then I am sure you will be able to get any good job in one of the reputed companies as a chartered accountant and your career will certainly be great. That will be an ideal start for your career while I don't think it will be an ideal start at this point if you sacrifice your final stage for the sake of getting a job. Also the final stage of CA, as you know, requires a lot of dedication and hard work , to clear ; so you certainly can't do both your job and preparation simultaneously.

    I hope you get my point. Good luck and Thanks

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