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    Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    I am irritated of my co colleagues in my office. I work with sales team and my work usually starts in the evening when others are free. They intentionally disturbs me through gossiping, teasing, making noises and comments. I have complained to management but no certain steps have yet taken. I am a female employee please suggest me something.

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    Hi. I can surely understand your problem and completely sympathesize with you. I think you should talk to the management directly about your problem. They may not have read your letter regardind this complaint but they are sure to listen to you.
    And surely they will take some steps in this direction to help you.

    You can also talk directly to your colleagues and tell them what you think of their irresponsible behaviour and that you are fed up of them. You can give them warning that you will complain to the management if they dont improve their ways. Maybe the good person in them wakes up and they wont repeat such behaviour again.

    Hoping i have solved your query. Best of luck. Thanks

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    As you are a female employee, so there must be some policies regarding your respect in the company. If there are no such policies in the company then please reach to your HR department as soon as possible and ask them to get your rights. But still if the same problem problem continue, please ask the companies CCO or any other higher member in the company. But still if there are no solution then you can ask the company for resignation letter and if they deny for it then you can make them aware that you will file a case against them as they do not have policies for female employees regarding their respect, moreover they are also not providing you with proper revealing. Please do not take your step back because where there's a will, there's a way!

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    Arrow Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    Hi ,

    I can suggest you some idea.

    1.You can politely speak wit your colleague and tell them that they irritate you else

    2.Try talkning with your manager regarding this.

    3.If that doesnt work try reaching your HR.

    4.Another option is better ask for change of place.Ask them to change and give your cabin so that you can work peacefully.

    5.According to many company policies they have provision for women and surely these are some higher priority issue.

    6.You can take this issue even to the ombus person and ask them to help you in this.

    7. Dont panic and get tensed during this situation.

    Either of the above will help you to sort out this issue.

    Thanks !!

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    well this is serious issue. you can directly talk to the management , being a female employee its very inconvinient to work in such atmosphere. talk to your colleagues even about there irresponsible behaviour. try to make them understand your problem.

    do not panic in such situation try to be calm and handle it confidently.

    Good luck

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    hello dear,
    you should do following points
    1.request them tell them even more politely about your problem.
    2. If possible try to change your sitting position
    3.talk to the boss about this reason.
    4.if possible those who are disturbing you talk to their wife.they will probably understand them.
    5.if possible then you request boss to change your timing hour.
    all the best friend, hope your problem will be short out very easily

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    While you are a girl employee, so you need to have a few guidelines with regards to your regard in the company. In the event there are no these kinds of guidelines in the company then please get to to the HR team immediately as well as get them to get the rights. However should the same problem difficulty proceed, be sure to ask adidas and puma CCO or some other higher participant in the company.
    However if perhaps there are no solution then you could ask the organization pertaining to resignation letter as well as once they refute pertaining to it then you may make these aware that you'll data file a claim versus these while they don't have guidelines pertaining to girl personnel regarding their regard, also also they are never that delivers suitable revealing.
    I am able to definitely fully grasp your problem as well as wholly sympathize along with you. I think you ought to chat to your control right regarding problem. That they might possibly not have go through a person's letter regarding this particular criticism but they are guaranteed to listen to you.
    And definitely they should take steps in this particular route to support you.

    You may also chat on to a person's fellow workers as well as inform them just what exactly you consider their responsible behavior and that you are generally sick and tired connected with them. It is possible to allow them to have word of caution that you'll protest to your control once they please don't better their ways. Might be the best an associate these awakens and they probably won't do it again these kinds of behavior again.

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    Re: Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues

    As you are a female employee then really it will be irritating for you to work in time of evening and I am sure that you always find yourself unable to manage that time because other employees comment after completing their work and making gossips because a cool and fresh environment of work is necessary for all employees to do better in the company and for the company and if someone does not get enough good atmosphere for work when needed then his/her performance may be slowdown anytime that is why you should raise your voice against this

    You should wait for another day because they will come again to you to have gossip and interrupting you in your work and when they come ask you or call you for something then you should not respond to anyone and show that you are too busy and wants to complete your work soon because you all have completed work so let others do their work and if someone make any type of comment on your work then say to everyone that you do not want interruption in the work because do not like this irritation while being worked for the company and my career and be strict in your behavior to all because you are a female candidate so do not be too sentimental and be like a professional female employee that live for the career and surely they will stop commenting on you

    If you could not say to them anything then you should go to the manager of the company instantly when you comment and disturb you in your work so manager will call all those employees and surely scold everyone because when you go then you should try to express that you are really worried and about to weep soon and I am sure that manager will help you in this matter

    All the best

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