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    Unable to match step to step with my boss

    I am working in a software company. Our boss is a very strict person and he expects each of his employees to work at the pace which with he works. But everyone has their own style of working and he does not understand this. Now I am one of those employees who are unable to match step to step with him. so he is always taunting me whenever he gets the chance. How to please such a boss?

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    Re: Unable to match step to step with my boss


    Friend, every boss wants this ,as much the effort showing by him , he wants from his employee, so there is no fault in your boss thinking. The thing which you can do is try to match every step with your boss , for that These point will help you :-

    1. If you are one step behind your boss, then try to know one step ahead from your boss.
    2. If office its not like that you are given all of sudden type work, you know what is going to happen after 1 or 2 days, so prepare yourself for that.
    3. Don't take any tension about his taunting , focus on your work.
    4. Do smart work, take help of some of your good co-employees and work harder.


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    Re: Unable to match step to step with my boss

    Re: Unable to match step to step with my boss

    Hi friends...

    I think this is the good thing because every person different personalities is there
    You can don't this kind of things
    You can focus to your work
    Don't take any tension and be show to your good attitude
    You can ask to the help for your co-workers also.


    all the best.............

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    Re: Unable to match step to step with my boss

    dear friend
    this is good thing that you want to become like your boss
    but hey boss just concentrate on your work because you are leading a different personality
    may be you got some extra potential than your boss

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    Re: Unable to match step to step with my boss


    This is a common issue with accross organisations....There are some person in almost all the organisations, the style of whom is not matching with the employees...
    First of all study the style of work he is doing....then analyse the work you are doing and the difference....
    Analyse the areas where time is killing to complete your job....you have to manage the time management system....
    From next time whenever you get some assignment from your boss, discuss the other jobs are in hand and the prioraity of that job...there are a lot of other imortant jobs in hand which needs to be completed and which are also same important...
    Hence to finish your current job after completion of the previous job...you become delayed from your schedule...

    Always discuss the progress and the manner you are doing your job and how to complete the job within time...ask for some suggession from your boss...definitely he will guide you...

    Good luck.

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