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    Unable to get desired package in public relations agency

    After completion of degree in advertising, I couldn’t get a job. After 6 months, I am getting an opportunity in public relations agency. During one of the interviews, interviewer questioned about the change of stream. I am desperate to get a job. What should I answer? Please guide me in fixing this problem.

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    Re: Unable to get desired package in public relations agency

    Hi aspirant

    I can definitely understand how you are feeling right now and that you are so desperate for a job is also understandable. In these times of inflation and recession everyone wants to be successful in their career so that they can fulfill all their desires and of their family also. So I think the same is with you. Its very sad that you couldn't get a job from the past 6 months. But now as you have got the opportunity you should make the most of it and don't miss it any cost.

    Now when your interviewer asks you such a question as to why you changed your stream you should simply tell him that you can handle the public relations post with as much efficiency as you could have the advertising post. But sadly you couldn't find the right job for yourselves from the past 6 months and thus have now thought of changing to the public relations sector. You ensure him that you will give your best to the company and will not give him any reason for complaint. You will definitely work with full dedication and hopefully they will also appreciate you.

    I am sure this will definitely impress your interviewer and he will surely consider you for the post. Thus friend you should not worry and just have self belief. I am sure it will do wonders for you. Good luck for your interview. Thanks

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