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    Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    I am working in a MNC. I have always thought my boss to be a very kind hearted and nice human being. But I was shocked when I recently heard the truth about his personal life that he beats his wife everyday after drinking excessively. I havenít been able to digest this truth till now as he was my idol. How to overcome such a situation?

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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    Hello Friend,

    Well, bitter truth is always hard to digest. I guess you have to change your idol. From outside appearence and behaviour we all look alike but to know a person better you have to spend a great amount of time with him. Many people wear mask of deception and your boss is one of them. It is hard to believe that someone from his position regularly beats his wife after excessive drinking. Time is the beat healer my friend. It will take time to overcome such horrific truth. I would suggest you to concentrate more on your work and in this way you will be able to forget those bad memory of your boss. Make a fresh start my friend.


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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife


    First of all, personal and professional life should never be mixed. In my opinion, your boss is your boss at work place and it's your duty to obey him at the work place. There is no need to consider him as your role model but yes you have to follow his instructions sincerely at work.

    Secondly, you should never try to know or interfere in his personal life. Neither you have any rights to do it nor you professional ethics allow you to do so. Let him live his personal life on his terms and conditions and you just focus on your professional ties with him. Please do not try to ever ask him any personal questions as he might get offended and your professional relationship also goes for a toss.

    Thirdly, If he is so cruel with his wife, I am sure she herself would take an action against him so you should stay out of their personal relations.


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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    It is his personal life,As an employee in his company you should not think about the boss's personal life.It is the disputes between between a wife and a husband.one should not involve in a wife and husband relation ship.so,you don't think much about that.We don't know what's happening in his home without knowing any thing you should blame any person.If their is any problem to her she will take a action on him.so,Don't think more.
    all the best
    thank you

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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    Dear if you think that your boss is good professionally then that is the profession and if you have got fact about your boss that he is not good in personal life and having very bad relations with his wife so that is his personal life and personally say that you should not get involved in the personal matters of your boss because you will get nothing from that and may be that you loose your image in office due to that and if you are sure about your boss that he is not good in personal life and relations then you should not understand him very good because this is your own thinking that you used to considered your boss better and as ideal for you that will guide you forever and you will learn so many things form them but finally what happened that you are shocked about the person who was your ideal so this all is personal thinking and we should not get more in deep

    If you have known about the personals of your boss then you do not need to talk to them about their personal life because no body has the authority to interfere in the personal affairs of the people at any stage because that is something difference that we do not want to share with anyone so keep away from this matter and just concentrate in your work and if you think that your boss is good in office then think professionally and if your boss is giving you preference and profit in your job then you should pray for him and if there is no profit then just concentrate only over the work that you have to do everyday in the office

    All the best

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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    I think you are mixing both professional and personal life. In order to survive in any job, you need to have a professional approach. I can understand that you are facing difficulty in believing that the whom you have been respecting, turns out to be something else! Now, such allegation may be true or may not be true. If it is true, then its really unacceptable. One cannot respect a person if he is found torturing his family members physically and mentally ! But you are helpless. You have to carry on with your job. You cannot leave your job because of that person. You don't have to respect him from your heart. But be polite in front of him. Keep formal relation with him, avoid being personal. Be a professional, stay focused towards your work, work professionally and come back home. There is no need to keep intimacy with such villainous person wearing a mask of goodness and pretending every moment. Stay away from such people as they release only negative vibes.

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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    There are people who have two faces of their behavior they may look the best person you have ever seen but you would be unaware of the other side of his behavior... yes itís heart breaking for you as you have lost the faith in him and also youíre annoyed with his bad behavior with his wife... there is no meaning to men if they donít know how to respect women and his domestic violence is a crime he should know it better... but i am sorry in your case as you can do nothing in the domestic violence which his wife is undergoing she can use her legal option if she gives a written complaint to police about the domestic violence at home your boss will be in trouble even government has an advertising campaign to address the victims of domestic violence.. you can only educate people about the importance of women and respecting them is only way you can save the world... now there is no way you should feel sad about finding the real face of your boss as he is not the good man he beats his wife sets a bad example off late you have come across the painful and truth of women in Indian society... now itís an experience of true women in the Indian society and also the fact that our country is no longer a safe place for women... very shameful to see our place prays goddess but not women... its not an every day story where people say we should not meddle in others matter yes it is sometimes not good to interfere in wife-husband matter but we can report them to concerned authorities women and child NGOs but the system should be clean you can only get into the system when you feel you can do a change..

    Its really difficult to understand people at only work place you can never predict what people really are inner way so donít try to make others idol for yourself its not that you should never take others as idol but take the positive out of them and leave the bad out this is what you should do in professional life.. what your boss really does to her wife is condemned but she is responsible to make her rights and use her freedom of expression i think women should never get suppressed by male ego and never contain their freedom of life what your boss is doing is a crime she should fight back in courts its personal as well you cannot sympathize her as you are not related with her if you were her brother then you would collectively should approach the judiciary.. Indian system is not strong enough i strongly feel Indian system is not broad minded broad mindedness is not behaving ugly its about the integrity the oneness among the gender the respect for each other this is what is called broad mindedness.. the women might be at top position but only few well to do families have got daughters who have reached to an position of bureaucrats what about the middle class women so these issues are bit difficult to solve which requires menís support to their sisters in ensuring they donít be victims.. the most stupid way and ignorant way to deal with domestic violence is that people say its personal matter we should not involve now this is called self fish behavior by society what men are for? in society all members in society should keep domestic violence away so itís the society that should change the way the society is the same way family and social welfare will develop then you find ways to curb violence in society...

    Any ways you should be normal at work be professional at work donít think much about your boss but take a lesson for yourself that you will make a promise that you would respect women till you live its an experience of life and the way you behave with your wife should be good its very important you do change your view on women all the best...

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    Re: Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife

    To begin with, individual and also expert lifetime will not mixed. For me, your boss is your boss with place of work and also it's your accountability for you to follow him or her on the do the job place. It is not necessary to think about him or her as the purpose product yet certainly you should observe the instructions sincerely with work.

    Next, you should never try to find out or even conflict in their individual life. Neither of them an individual possess any protection under the law to do it nor an individual expert life values assist you to complete so. Let him survive the individual lifetime upon the stipulations and you just concentrate on the expert neckties using him. Remember to do not try for you to previously let him express virtually any individual concerns because he might obtain upset whilst your expert romantic relationship likewise is true of any toss.

    In addition, In the event they're so vicious together with his better half, I am certain the girl micro could take the motion against him or her this means you really should be out of their individual relations.
    if you think your boss is good expertly after that be the career and in case you have got actuality relating to your boss of which he's not great around individual lifetime inside them for hours really bad interaction together with his better half to ensure is the individual lifetime and also professionally declare that you can't have a go at an individual can issues of the boss because you'll get nothing by that product may very well be which you reduce the photograph in office because of of which and if you are guaranteed relating to your boss of which he's not great around individual lifetime and also interaction then you should not recognize him or her good because here is your unique considering which you utilized to thought to be your boss improved so when perfect for an individual that can help you once and for all and also you will see a lot of points style these folks yet eventually so what happened that you'll be dismayed about almost anyone who was the ideal so all this is individual considering and also we must certainly not get more around profound.

    In case you have recognized in regards to the personals of the boss then you definately do not need to converse for many years about their individual lifetime because no one has the specialist for you to conflict around an individual can affairs of those with virtually any step because that's something big difference that people wouldn't like to show to any individual so avoid the following subject and easily emphasis inside your do the job and also if you think your boss is good in office after that think expertly and also but if your boss is giving you preference and also benefit around your employment then you definately really should hope pertaining to him or her and in case there isn't any benefit after that simply emphasis simply more than the repair of which you ought to do on a daily basis from the office.

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