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    Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members

    I am working in a software company. Ours is a team of 10 members working on a particular project. From the first day itself, all the team members have been fighting and arguing with each other and there is no unity at all. As a result I am not being able to concentrate on my work. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members

    For getting success in the project team work is required.If there is no unity in the team how can you get success.It is a big failure of your team leader.A team leader should try to co-ordinate the team.so,you have to take the necessary steps to make your team co-ordinate.
    first of all talk to all the employees like a meeting along with your team leader.
    Don't argue with each other.
    tell them to tell their ideas and views.
    listen all the views and try to implement the best with the suggestion of the employees.
    Motivate them,tell them to work united and achieve success.
    all the best
    thank yu

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    Re: Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members


    It's true that if a team is united as one, any task is accomplished with great ease and perfection. However, at times we do not get things in our life as per our desire. So as of now, as you have mentioned that your team is not united and is not trying to achieve a common goal, instead of thinking too much about it, you should try to do your job with utmost sincerity and great honesty.

    I can understand that it is very difficult to work in such a chaotic situation but you will have to be strong enough to face and work sincerely in this situation. Talk to you reporting manager or the team leader and try understanding the way you can be utilised the most and thus help your reporting manager the most. Complete the work assigned to you first and then try helping your manager with his work too.

    This would help you to help your team in getting the work done on time. In fact, try talking to the few team members who can be convinced by you easily to focus on their work as well and take them along with you in completing the manager's work. Once few people would start doing work sincerely, others also might get demotivated to fight and create chaos in the team.

    Wish you luck!

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    Re: Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members

    Well it is an common thing that always every private organization face nowadays and this only happens when there is no proper training is given to the staff members or if there is an shortage of the staff members in the organisation.
    First of all you should imagine that what will happen when there will be the shortage of employees in the company then the person will only try to do his work because where 2 person are alloted to do work and only 1 is working then from where does the team work occurs .
    So to maintain the team work there must be the plentyof staff members in the organisation.
    Because its always better to work as a team rather than working like an labou.
    If the employees of the company are also not well trained then also this happens because when they do not know what to do then what will be the use of that so the training and development is equally important for the company.

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    Re: Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members

    If all the team members are fighting and keeping their personal arguments for the project then you should not take part in their matter and just think about personal because if you will get involved then you will get nothing from the side of the company even leader of your team will be unable to give right feedback to the higher authorities about you that is why you should think about personal in profession and if you think personally and only for yours then you will get your career improved that is why think about it

    You should contact to the leader of your team and say to him about this issue and demand for help so may be that leader take any right action against all the team members who are fighting and if he does not take interest then you should request to the leader that he provide separate responsibilities to all the members of the team so everything will be cleared and each member will get personal responsibility then they will care more for those things which are provided to them by the leader and surely leader will be strict towards it and demand for work on time

    After getting separate duty and work on project you should finish your work on time and that will give you concentration because if you will get separate duty then you need to care only for personal work and concentrate more on that and take care for that duty and complete work on time and give best result to the leader so he will praise you in front of the manager and let them fight who are fighting for personal arguments and they will never be able to work more and get hikes again in the company that is why always be selfish in business and do not part in fighting because both parties will get nothing in that and manager of the company will know it and take right action so you should trust in management too

    All the best

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