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    Types of leadership training available for corporate employees?

    I am working as an HR in a software company. My manager has told me to prepare the reports of leadership trainings that can be given to corporate employees. Can anybody help me in preparing this report and also let me know what all types of leadership trainings are available for corporate employees?

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    Re: Types of leadership training available for corporate employees?


    Information about Types of leadership training for corporate employees :
    There are different types of leadership training for corporate employees and list of them are following as :

    >>> Participation
    Leadership : You should have Participation skills and perform better in a particular task is known as Transformation leadership .

    >>> Transformational
    Leadership : The transformational leadership change the employees attitude and forced for +ve nature instead of -ve .

    >>> Situation
    Leadership : It is a another type of Leadership in which leaders prevailing situation .

    >>> Quiet
    Leadership : In case of Quiet leadership ,leader should have Opposite of charismatic .

    >>> Autocratic Leadership : It is a type of decision making leadership and you have to go through individual group is called a Autocratic Leadership .


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