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    Type of resume for Civil engineering student?

    how type of resume should be for a practical training in civil engg student who is studying

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    Re: Type of resume for Civil engineering student?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    how type of resume should be for a practical training in civil engg student who is studying
    Dear Aspirant,

    To my mind you are not required your Resume for getting practical training in any organisation while studying.In order to get your practical training you are required a recommandation letter from your college to the head/training incharge of the organisation where you are interested to get the practical training & you will have to fill up a application form to be received from the concerned organisation.You will also have to get a guarantor of the same organisation.The guarantor will give his ID number & put his signature on the same application form.

    While filling the application form,you will be required to fill your name,DOB,Father's name,Your Institutes Address,Your present semester,Branch,Registration number etc

    Resume is required to apply for the post while studying in the final year or after passing the course.

    Thanks & good luck.


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    Re: Type of resume for Civil engineering student?

    Hey my friend. . . .resume is very important for a job seeker. . . . In your resume you should mention your name and your academic and working experience details. .you should be careful while filling your area of interest. . . Let me give you few tips to attend interviews . .you should have correct eye contact.you should be strong in your area of interest. You are expected to give self intro for more than half an hour in your interview. . This is very challenging for all. .good luck for your interviews. . . .

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    Smile Re: Type of resume for Civil engineering student?

    Hi friend,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!

    I'm sending you an image that shows a sample Resume for a Civil Engineer.
    Check this out!

    It's gonna be very helpful for you!


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    Re: Type of resume for Civil engineering student?

    Inorder to do practical training,there is no requirement of giving resume.You just need to give a recommendation letter and a identify proof from your college after applying online in the concerned organisation.Inorder to go for job interviews,you need to give resume.The resume should depict your strong mathematical skills,strong logical and reasoning abilities,knowledge of various scientific methods for problem solving,attention to details,ability to analyse and interpret information,safety conscious,creative and innovative ,strong designing skills,ability to work independently and in team.
    Here I have attached a sample resume to give you an idea and help you in writing your resume.
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