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    Is it true that we will get more salary if we complete MCA course?

    I have completed the UG course and right now looking for a job but many said that it will be good if I complete MCA course so that I will get more salary. Is that true? Which will be good now? To do the MCA course or to get the job? Please provide me your valuable suggestions.

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    Re: Is it true that we will get more salary if we complete MCA course?

    First of all congratulations on completing your undergraduate course. Also my best wishes to you for looking for a job. My advise to you is that you should go in for higher studies and complete your MCA degree first and then look for a job. In today's competitive world, it is very difficult to get a job with a graduationj degree. Post graduation has become a necessity and will definitely fetch you a better job and a higher salary.
    Also it is commomnly observed that once people start working it becomes very difficult to get out of the job and then do your postgraduation. So its always advisable to first complete your education and then look for a job. The kind of respect associated with a job which a post graduate gets is definiteky better than just a graduate. You will get more work satisfaction after you complete you PG. MCA course nowadays also has an entrance exam and when people start working they tend to get out of touch with their books.
    It is also commomnly observed that sitting in front of the computer for a long time decreases your efficiency and concentration level. For a student these are not good qualities. So to avoid such a situation you should first complete your MCA and then look for a good job. A jump to around 10-15k per month can be seen in your job after doing your post graduation.

    All the best for your higher studies. Do well.

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