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    Travel allowance is not given on time

    I am working in a northern railway. I am doing many tours in a month. I get my travel allowance on per tour, but since last month, I canít avail this facility. My travel allowance is not properly maintained. I have given many written application to the department but didnít get any response.

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    Re: Travel allowance is not given on time

    Hello sir,

    Check weather any notifications released on travel allowance issued on presently

    working employees in the month before last month and check your travel allowance

    pass is valid are expired for that period.If ther is no mistake with you go and meet your

    department head personally with your problem
    ,he/she shows you solution for this

    otherwise make a complaint letter to your HR head of Indian Railways.

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    Re: Travel allowance is not given on time


    If you are not getting your allowance on time then you have to first of all check with your colleagues that whether they are facing this same problem too or not, If they are facing the same problem then you have to see whether there is a rule change or what? and if nothing like this happened then in together you guys can raise the issue.

    If you alone facing the problem then you have to raise this issue in front of the Human Resource Head of Northern railway.

    You cal also complain in NWREU ( North Western railway Employee union)


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    Re: Travel allowance is not given on time

    Hi.. It is very deplorable and sad that your company should be so negligent or do an irresponsible thing like this..

    Even after your various attempts at asking them they havent replied which is bad..

    This could be due to more workload and less staff which is the case in most companies or sheer negligence..

    But you shouldn't worry much and do whatever you can to bring them back on track..

    Firstly you go and talk to your Manager or HR dept directly and tell them of your problem of not receiving travel allowance on time due to which you have to face financial difficulties..

    They will surely help you but if they dont file a complaint against them..

    Best of luck.. Thanks

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    Re: Travel allowance is not given on time

    If your working in central government ,then you will be definitely given travel allowance.. If you were given travel for all your tours till now,there was delay in receiving travel allowance last month right then don't worry.go personally to manager, give your problems that your facing in traveling i am sure that you will get all your traveling allowance .. Or else you might get it in your salary account..

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    Re: Travel allowance is not given on time

    hello friend

    the travel allowance is not given on time means

    1)the account manager done the mistake for not crediting travel allowance to your salary

    2)go to contact account manager

    3)he will provide clear information about your travel allowance

    4)and also he will tell when he will credited that travel allowance

    all the best

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