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    Too much of groupism in office is leading to unhealthy competition

    Over the last few months I have noticed that groupism has hit my office. Now there are two groups with lot of unhealthy competition. People are now coming to me with complaints about coffee breaks, copier being used etc. How do I stop this?

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    Re: Too much of groupism in office is leading to unhealthy competition

    It is disheartening to hear about such situation in your organization because such situations are harmful for good work culture. They not only hinder the growth of the organization but also create a negative atmosphere which is not good for the development of anyone. Its time for you to analyze the situation at hand and deal with it in a manner that you supress this groupism before it reaches a height where it cannot be curbed.
    First of all you should try to find out what is the cause of the groups being formed. Try to recognize the people involved in the situation. The first step can be talking to these people and very politely telling them that such a conduct of behaviour is neither good for them nor for the organization. Try and cite examples telling them how it can spoil the work environment and bring down the productivity of the employees. You can give them real time examples like telling them how their performance has lowered ever since all this groupism started.
    If this doesn't work for you then you should resort to conducting team activities. This a very good drill that is being followed by most of the multinationals these days to bring about a sense of unification amongst the employees. This teaches them qualities like team work, coordination and also helps them know each other better. It is very important for organizations these days to promote the culture of 'United we stand, divided we fall.' You can also try to unite both the groups by going for a cup of coffee with all of them together. This would prevent them from going in groups.
    It is also seen that people these days celebrate festivals together in their office premises before the actual festival. This culture also helps to unite the employees. I am sure team activities and motivational talks by you will be effective in avoiding groupism. All the best.

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    Re: Too much of groupism in office is leading to unhealthy competition

    Groupism in office is leading unhealthy competition this statement is appropriate and true.The effects of unhealthy situation can be described as under.

    1.In office all will be engaged to grew the health of self group.

    2.The new comers will remain under pressure which group will be better for him/her to join.

    3.Accordingly always a competition will lead to demoralize everyone.

    4.By hook or crook group masters will create the new new paths for their development.

    5.The employer and management never get peace to operate their company/office smoothly.

    6.Thus groupism can not enhance company's growth/development and individual's performance.

    7.This(groupism) will ultimately bring ruin for employee as well as company.

    8.If a company concern does not in a position to stop groupism the company's growth will come
    down gradually and it will loose it's goodwill very soon.

    Thank you,

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