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    Too many personal leaves by an old employee

    What to do when an employee takes too many personal leaves. She is a old employee and a distant cousin of mine but I feel that she is taking too many liberties because of our relation. Other employees are also noticing this and there have been some gossips about favoritism. Which is the polite way of telling her this?

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    Re: Too many personal leaves by an old employee

    Of course she is a cousin to you.

    But you should show professionalism when you are working in an organization.

    If something is going wrong with any other employee in the team, it is better to explain him.

    This will bring some change in her.

    If you won't explain the same to her, obviously may think wrong about you.

    They may develop the opinion that "If she takes leaves, why I can not"

    So, don't keep this thing to go on like this.

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