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    Tips to write Apology letter for missing the meeting appointment?

    It was really sad that I was late to the very important meeting and the only thing which I can do is to write a proper apology letter for the mistake which I did. Please provide me the format to follow? Please provide me the needed tips which I need to follow? Kindly provide me the information as soon as possible.

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    Re: Tips to write Apology letter for missing the meeting appointment?

    It is sad to know that despite the fact that you knew that the meeting is an important one you did not turn up in time for it. It is a display of unprofessional behaviour and if continued can hinder your progress at your work place. I am glad to know that you feel sorry for what you have done and want to write an apology letter. You should write an apology letter to your manger and state the reason for missing the meeting. Please make sure that the reason is an honest one. Telling a lie at this point of time can harm your reputation further. It will make your manager think that you are not serious about your work.
    Be precise while mentioning about your shortcoming and do not beat about the bush. This can cause your manager to be annoyed and what you plan to do in good will can go against you. Make sure that the letter is a short one. Unnecessary bragging will not work in your favour. In the letter you can tell the manager that such a mistake will not be repeated by you and you are extremely sorry for such conduct of yours.
    Also ask the manager to depute one of the other colleagues present at the meeting to brief you about the same. You should also mention that you are willing to take up any duty that the manager wishes to assign to you as per the discussion of the meeting. In the end, earnestly mention that you would not make such a mistake again.

    I hope your manager will understand your plight and will excuse you this time. Be punctual and regular from the next time! ALl the best..

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