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    Tips to select the right employee

    I am a Senior Officer in a software company. Recently the company's management has decided to put me in the recruitment board and go for the recruitment process in various colleges. I have been shouldered with the duty to select the best candidates. Please give some tips as to how to choose the right employee for the company.

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    Re: Tips to select the right employee

    First of all,good wishes for your new responsibility.Your company has given a very big responsibility on your shoulders of recruiting employees.The future working is much dependent on the selection done by your section.Here are certain suggestions to help you in the recruitment process.

    -You should go with an attitude of eliminating improper students rather than selecting students.
    -You should test the subject knowledge of the students properly that is required in their professional work in the company.
    -See whether the candidate can handle pressure and how he/she reacts to it.
    -See the interest of candidate for working in your company.
    -See whether they can serve your company for long or not.
    -Test their leadership skills,patience and presence of mind.
    -Test the interest of the candidate towards new tasks.
    -Analyze the strengths,achievements and weaknesses of the candidate.See whether it fits on with the work of your company or not.
    -Personality and attitude is of great value.So it should be tested properly before recruitment of candidates.

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    Re: Tips to select the right employee

    Hi friend

    Selection of candidates for your company is a task of high responsibility and is a lso a very tedious procedure as these candidates will form the backbone of your company and your company's future will depend on them . Thus you should take care that you choose the best candidates for your company and don't leave any stone unturned to selct only the best as then only your company will cross further heights. Also it is a matter of your reputation being at stake and thus you should be even more careful while selecting the candidates.

    Firstly you should see whether your candidate is suitable for the post or not according to his qualifications and job experience. Then only you will movve a step further. Then see whether he is able to answer every question confidently thus judging the level of his confidence and whether he will be able to take the right decision in the difficult situations or not. Also check his decision making capabilities and his spontaneity skills.

    Check whether he will be able to work selflessly for your company and that whether he will be able to work a sa team memeber or mniot. Also check whether he has the required skills and knowledge for the post or not. Check the qualities of modesty, honesty etc. These are very essential qualities to be a good employee. Also see that he is not overconfident and thus is modest. See if he respects you and the other interviewers and treats you as his seniors.

    Also see idf he will be able to perform all the tasks efficiently or not. See his personality also which is another aspect of being a good employee.

    I hope you will do your best to select the required candidates for your company. Good luck

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