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    Tips to frame Goodbye mail to Senior Managers?

    It was really good to work with my Managers and colleagues and now I am moving to some other company so I need to send a Goodbye mail to my Senior Managers and colleagues at the last day. Can you please tell me what all I should add in the mail? How to frame it? Please provide me some examples to if possible.

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    Re: Tips to frame Goodbye mail to Senior Managers?

    Its heartening to know that you feel that you should thank your senior managers and colleagues. In my opinion you should adress the mail to your boss and also 'CC' it to your colleagues. The following points can be kept in mind while framing the mail:
    1. First of all mention that it has been a gratifying experience working with all of them. Voice your opinion very modestly as it is the last time that you maybe thanking them.
    2. You can talk about your learning experience ever since you joined your job. You can talk about how each of these people helped you achieve the position at which you are today. You can mention incidents where you imbibed certain values from your seniors.
    3. You should thank them for maintaining proper work ethics which enabled you to put your best foot forward. You should stress on the fact that a good work environment is instrumental in shaping up the career of so many like you.
    4. You can cite examples of the various advises that your senior managers gave you and how that helped you mould yourself into a successful professional.
    5. In the end you should mention about how this experience will be etched in your memory for a lifetime and you can offer to stay in touch (in a very professional tone).

    All the best for your new job endeavour. God bless you.

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