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    Tips for effective presentation in front of board of directors

    I am working in corporate world for last five years. Recently I have been given the responsibility of presenting a plan before the board of directors in power point presentation. What things should I do and should not do to make it an effective presentation before the board of directors? Please help for my upcoming presentation.

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    Re: Tips for effective presentation in front of board of directors

    Presentation is one of the important aspect of professional world.It is a type of communication between the presenter and the audience on a particular topic or matter which reflects one's personality.In order to give a effective presentation you should prepare well.You should start the presentation in an attractive way in order to gain the attention of the audience.

    -You should effectively utilize visual aids like power point slides.
    -Quote examples whenever necessary.
    -Sound modulation, facial expressions etc should convey the right message to the audience.
    -Posture and movement should be natural.
    -The most important thing needed for you is self-confidence.You should be well versed in public speaking and should overcome your shyness.You can practice in front of the mirror which will help you to gain confidence.
    -You need to study about the audience, their interest and make the presentation catchy. You should have patience and need to develop listening skills.
    -You should also possess the skill of time management.
    -Presentation should be power packed. It should be structured in such a way that the audience will gain interest. The starting of the presentation should be logical and the conclusion needs to paraphrase important points.
    -You can prepare well in advance the possible questions that will arise after the presentation, so that they can answer the questions well.

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