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    Tips for effective presentation during placement

    I am a final year engineering candidate. Recently it has been declared that Aricent will arrive in our college for campus drive. The selection procedure consists of ppt presentation. I want to know how to make an effective presentation for my placement. Please share your valuable tips.

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    Re: Tips for effective presentation during placement

    PPT presentation round is one of the most important round in the process of recruitment during campus drive because any fault done and the company has a reason to put you in the reject list.So,you should be careful and confident while giving presentation.Here are few tips.
    -You should effectively utilize visual aids like power point slides.
    -Quote examples whenever necessary.-Sound modulation, facial expressions,etc should convey the right message to the audience.
    -Posture and movement should be natural.
    -The most important thing needed for you is self-confidence.You should be well versed in public speaking and should overcome your shyness.You can practice in front of the mirror which will help you to gain confidence.
    -You need to study about the audience, their interest and make the presentation catchy. You should have patience and need to develop listening skills.
    -You should also possess the skill of time management.
    -Presentation should be power packed. It should be structured in such a way that the audience will gain interest. The starting of the presentation should be logical and the conclusion needs to paraphrase important points.
    -You can prepare well in advance the possible questions that will arise after the presentation, so that they can answer the questions well.

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