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    Tips for the brand promotion of Cox and Kings?

    I am a Marketing professional at Cox and Kings and for brand promotion I have to organize some events. Will you give me some ideas for the same, so that I can generate good footfall at Cox and Kings office for inquiry.

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    Arjun Array
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    Re: Tips for the brand promotion of Cox and Kings?

    Dear, asker first of all brands means the set of values, ideas, strength, and weakness that become tied to your business. In short we can say that it defines the quality of a product. Some of the following method had been by which you can adapt for brand promotion. They are -1.you should think big. As yours competitor are not aware of these.2. Look up at your business mission statements and ask yourself what you want to promote and where.3. You can also organise a small fare(mela) where you can give the detail of yours brands4. You can also publish a card and distribute it to the public.5. Lastly if it is become older it will be well-know by the customer but you have to wait.Note: brand of quality varies from product to product.

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    Re: Tips for the brand promotion of Cox and Kings?

    Yes, For it you should make a tie up with any Business Support company. There
    are so many tool to promote your business. But you can not promote it manually.
    So you should Consult with the company like Passionatic that have very nice and
    frequent small business support functionality. These will help you to promote you
    company on Web and in your local area.

    So For do this just contact there on the following link.


    If you want to do it manually then make advertisement on the different
    site. There are many site that will advertise your business in free. Also
    Try to interact with local clients.

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