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    Things that recruiters do no want in a resume of a candidate

    I am an engineering student doing BTech in Mechanical final year. I will be going for various off-campus soon where resume plays an important part in recruitment. So I want to know what are the things that recruiters do not want in a resume of a candidate. Please give your valuable feedback so that I do not commit such mistakes.

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    Re: Things that recruiters do no want in a resume of a candidate


    It is very important to prepare a good resume for your placement because your resume is the first step of your PI.

    You should be very carefull while preparing a resume.

    You can google it and find out how to prepare a good resume.

    Try to follow the format.It is very important to follow the current format of the resume.

    It will help you.

    Keep in mind the following things while preparing a resume :

    -->> Give details about your name and address.

    -->> Mention details about your educational background and qualification.

    -->>Mention about your weakness and strength.

    -->>Mention about your hobbies .

    -->> Do not mention about your personal life or any negetive incident.

    -->> Do not bluff or lie about anything. Make sure all the details you mentioned in the resume is true and genuine.

    Thank you

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    Re: Things that recruiters do no want in a resume of a candidate


    The proper resume is very essential while you appear for an interview.Now the format should be correct and such so that it does attract the attention of the interviewer.Your resume should be able to create a good impression about you in the mind of the interviewer.you can take professional help if you feel like.But in mind the following things-

    1.Do not mention anything that goes against the requirement of the company.
    2.Do not mention about anything which is not true.
    3.Mention if you have done any internship from any company.
    4.Mention your past results so that it reflects your consistency level.
    5.Mention additional courses that you have persued (if any)
    6.Do not forget to mention about your strengths and weaknesses
    7.Your resume must not be like a history book,rather short and crisp.

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    Re: Things that recruiters do no want in a resume of a candidate

    Dear Friend, it is always important that you write your resume yourself. don't copy or ask someone else to write. once you are done read it and be aware what you have mentioned in it. ask someone to review it and get their valuable critics. Now when it come to recruiters, they always look for a short resume. Your resume should not be more than 2 pages. A recruiter has lot of resumes to be reviewed and if he finds a long lengthy one he will just toss it into the dustbin. this also means that your resume should give a good first impression to the recruiter. Use your creativity, use different formats, tables etc to make your resume creative. give every detail, but keep it short. some of the things you have to mention in a resume are you personal data; again keep it short. your educational qualifications with passing marks, your work experience and roles and responsibility if any. Also put down your strengths and weaknesses, but when it comes to weaknesses you need to be careful to answer how you are trying to overcome them. mention about your hobbies and interests. please keep in mind that you should keep the resume short and avoid mentioning things which are not true. good luck....

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