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    Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    I am a chef and have been working in many five star hotels since last twelve years. I want to open a restaurant. Can u please guide me of what things should I keep in mind? What are the various loan offers that I can get? I am in need of your urgent solution. Please help.

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    hello friend ..
    firstly congrats as you are going to open your own restaurant.. so if you are thinking to take loan, your can get by any reputed bank , showing to bank statement and your earning , you need a granter too, and if bank satisfy , you will get your loan.

    Thing to be Kept if mind :--

    1. Place for opening your restaurant is very important, and if your food and other thing are suitable for there , it will be good. Let me give a example, if you are near a college or school , there must be some bakery item.

    2. Quality of your food is very important because if you want to continue your sales , start maintaning your quality.
    3. Honest employees.
    4. Marketing skills, as you are saying you have been working in five star hotels since last 12 years, I think you will be good in this.

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    Hello My Dear Dude ...

    Kindly follow the below steps

    You must have a

    <> Good Chef

    <> The Staff

    And you need to Choose a Good Doctor

    Get a Suitable location

    Buy the Many books of Recipes

    You must choose the Good Food and the Menu

    You need to have a Business plan

    Do not make a Very high price of the Food ...


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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    Dear Friend
    Itís nice that you have decided to open the restaurant and since you have working experience in five star hotels, I donít think it will be difficult for you. But before you start any new business you have to get the plan right. Letís look into that first.
    First you need to think about type of restaurant you want to set up; veg or non-veg, 5 star or not and such other features.
    The you have to decide on where you want to set it up; maybe in a busy area with basic facilities available.
    Select a good name, sometimes a good name can earn you huge profits.
    How you want to design the menu card and what items you want to include.
    Select the staff, the cook, waiters, servers and housekeeping people.
    Other basic things like, furniture, cash counters, kitchen etc has to be designed to please the customers.
    As for the loans for the same is concerned, many banks today offer lot of loans to start business. Go to a bank and find out more about it.
    Good luck....

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    Re: Things to be kept mind for opening a restaurant


    I think good idea
    I am given the some points:

    # You must select the place.
    # You must appoint the good chef in your restaurant.
    # You must prepare quality food in your restaurant.
    # You can serve the items quickly.
    # You can more interest to the marketing in your restaurant.
    # You can also advisement in T.V and Newspaper and Online .
    # You should daily check the food preparation.
    # You can new food do it in your restaurant.
    # You should insurance in your restaurant and legally prepare documents .
    # You should focus to the your interial design like that chairs and counter and furniture.
    # You must choose the good food in a menu.
    # You must focus to the your business.
    # Mainly do not make a very high price of the food.

    So you must follow the step


    ALL THE BEST............

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    If your aim is to set up your own restaurant, then it is a very Gud thing which has a lot of scope in it.
    First of all the site selection is the most crucial decision in order to open up the restaurant. You would also have to keep this in mind that in that locality what kind of people are living, this will give you the idea of what to prepare the most and then you need to check out that nearby your site is there any restaurant which is already famous or not. If you find that there's already set up restaurant over there then you'll have to plan your strategy according to that competition.

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant


    If you are planning to open a Restaurant of your own then you have to keep following things in mind :

    -->> CAPITAL : You should arrange the capital to set up your restaurant. You can easily get loan from any nationalised bank.
    You can also arrange the investors who are ready to invest on your plan.

    -->> LOCATION : Set up your restaurant in a location that is in a posh area,which has schools,collage ,offfices and household nearby.
    You can also consider the location which is very popular like near a movie theatre or malls or some amusement park.

    -->> PROMOTION AND PUBLICITY : once your restaurant is set up ,You have to give ads and offers to attract the customers.

    -->> SERVICE

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    Re: Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant

    1. Not Everyone is Cut Out to be a Restaurant Owner.
    2) Restaurant Location.
    3)New Restaurants Arenít Cheap
    4)Choose a Clear Restaurant Concept .
    5) You Will Need a Business Plan

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