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    Is there any harm to resign after working for the first 15 days?

    I have recently joined as a fresher in one of the private companies of India. But after working here for 15 days,I am not finding satisfaction with my job and want to leave it. Will it be a good decision? Is there any harm in resigning after working for the first 15 days?

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    Re: Is there any harm to resign after working for the first 15 days?


    It will not be a wise decision at this stage...however if you are not satisfied with the job...please try for the others...
    But my suggession is that you should try to stay there for some more months say at least one year...
    Changing job frequently impacts your CV and it will be difficult to face the question will definately asked in the ext interview...

    Hope this is clear..

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    Re: Is there any harm to resign after working for the first 15 days?

    Dear if you are not getting satisfied with your current job then no issue means you may resign but when you have thought to resign then you should resign after getting paid for the entire month means if you are working there then you should work 15 more days in that company and when your salary credited to your account then you should provide resignation letter to the company and if you will share this issue to the company then this will not be good for you and you will not be paid for your work that is why keep it confidential and when you get the salary you should resign and if you will resign now then what about your work you have done in the company that is why wait for 2 or three weeks and receive your salary and also not tell the manager that you will resign after completing 1 month

    All the best

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