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    Is there any difference between vendors and clients?

    I am B.Com 2nd year student. I have taken Business management as my specialization. I am very much interested in Business and finance. I have come across this word many times. Can anybody tell me difference between vendors and clients? Are they different or same?

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    Re: Is there any difference between vendors and clients?

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]The main difference between the client and vendor is that the client is a

    person to whom some one supplies a service.
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Vendor is a person who offers something for sale. Vendor is also known as

    supplier. The vendor may supply some good, but will not give any service.

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    Re: Is there any difference between vendors and clients?


    There is a very small difference between a supplier and a vendor.

    VENDOR :- A vendor is somebody who provides who product or service and you have to pay the vendor for rendering the service. In case of a shipping company a vendor is a person who help the company at the port to load, Unload the material, give them services of crane etc.

    Supplier :- In some cases supplier is same as vendor that means a supplier can be a immediate vendor if he directly serve the customer where as if he does not directly serve then he can considered as supplier from which vendor take services and product and after that give that services to customer.

    Hope it will solve your query


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    Re: Is there any difference between vendors and clients?


    Yes, there is a difference between a vendor and a client.

    Vendor is someone or som company who will provide you both product and services at the same time and
    at same place. The people who wants these services needs to pay a sum as service or product chrage. For
    example Intel corporation has many vendors in india where people can avail of their product and services by
    paying a sum.

    A client is someone who receives services from vendors.


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