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    The termination of our manager has weakened my position in the company

    I am working in a private firm. Recently our manager was terminated due to some grave mistake committed by him. Now I was very close to him and as a result of his termination my position has weakened in the company. Now I am not getting as much importance as I used to get earlier. Also I am feeling very bad for my manager. How to overcome this situation and regain my position in the company?

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    Re: The termination of our manager has weakened my position in the company

    Hi aspirant

    It is very sad that such a thing should happen with you. It is very unfortunate and pure bad luck. So you should not take it to your heart as such things can happen in anyone's life. You should try to fight this situation bravely and let your work speak for you. I am sure that you have enough talent to regain your position in the company. Just work harder and show your new manager and boss what you are capable of. Then I am sure that you will be able to have the same relation with your new manager as you had with your previous manager.

    Also as you are feeling bad for your manager, who has been terminated , you should definitely go to his house and sympathise with him. Tell him that you are really sorry for what has happened with him and you are sure that he will definitely find another good job anywhere. You wish him the best of luck for his future and hope that your friendship with him will continueas before.

    I am sure this will give alot of strength to your manager when he will see your concern for him. You too should keep on working hard and not let this affect your performance in any way. Good luck for your future

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    Re: The termination of our manager has weakened my position in the company

    well this is the bad time that you are facing and it will be passed soon. i can understand that your position must have been weaken . but from you must keep in mind that you will not be dependent that much on someone in your company so that this kind of situation may not come further.
    you should be brave enough for making your position and right now getting to previous position. just work harder and you will soon be getting that importance again.
    remember hard work is the key to success.

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    Re: The termination of our manager has weakened my position in the company

    ++++++++++++Try this process for this issue++++++++

    **********company such as Manager, CEO or every other Higher official. This will help you to get your work done very soon.

    **********If the above mentioned trick does not work then its better to complain

    **********to that company against the labor court. Write a complain and attach all the mails

    **********which you have written to them as well as write the way you are being treated by them.

    **********Send a copy to your office also and you can also keep a copy with you.

    **********Hope this will surely help you in getting back your Certificate

    **********If you had served the required notice period and had completed

    **********the relieving formalities before leaving your previous firm

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