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    Team leader going on too many false leaves

    Our office has a strict policy about how many leaves can you take. But our team leader has been taking too many false leaves. We know this because we caught him twice once in a movie all (when he was supposed to be sick) and other time shopping. To whom and how do we bring this topic up?

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    Re: Team leader going on too many false leaves

    Hi buddy

    If your team leader is doing wrong things and setting a bad example to his juniors then he certainly must be punished for that and not be spared. You should certainly complain about him and get him punished for his wrongdoings. But i dont think you should directly go the higher authorities with this matter because that will be like sneaking on your team leader.

    So its better if you first confront your team leader regarding this and tell him that you have caught him twice-once in a movie hall and the other time shopping- when he had taken sick leave from the office. He should stop doing such things as he is setting a bad example for his juniors. So you request him to mend his habits and dont take false leaves.You dont want to tell this to the higher authorities that's why you have first come to him so that he improves himself.

    If he mends himself then its ok but if he doesnt improve then you must complain about him to your manager.
    I am sure he will learn his lesson and necer repeat such mistakes again . Good luck

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    Re: Team leader going on too many false leaves

    hello friend
    It is not good for you or to team leader because ill behavior takes some bad things in working which can be the reason of spoiled.
    You should tell him to stop doing such things .
    Because this type's things are bad example for his junior employees.
    By some conversion you can request him to avoid his bad habits and dont take false leaves in future.
    If You dont want to tell this to the Hr or boss then first tell to team leader then take any step to forward as the conditions
    So firstly you have come to him for conversion.

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    Re: Team leader going on too many false leaves

    Dear Friend,

    It's totally wrong on Team Leader's behalf that he is taking leave by giving false reasons.
    He is loosing respect among his juniors and setting a wrong example.
    By doing this, he is harming his career, not yours.
    Hope he will realize it soon and avoid doing such things.

    However, he is your boss. So, you should not directly instruct him about these things.
    It will be in best interest of you to ignore this and look for other things in your team leader such as
    whether he is doing his work correctly, taking right decisions and helping you whenever you need him.
    If he is good at these things then you are in a good situation else you may try speaking
    directly to him or take some help from other seniors in the company.

    I recommend you not to do any such things that will land you into trouble.
    Think of ways that will enhance your growth opportunities.

    All the best!!!

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