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    Taking up a job providing medical insurance

    I have recently completed my B.Tech in ECE and now looking for a job. I have around 3 interviews lined up for the next week. But when I researched about these companies, I found that none of them is providing medical insurance benefits. I think that this is very important and taking up a job which doesnít provide this medical benefit would be useless. What should I do in such a situation?

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    Re: Taking up a job providing medical insurance

    Hi friend

    You are definitely right in this case and you should definitely try to find a job where they give you the benefits of medical insurance. You know that how costly the medical treatment is in today's times and ,God forbid, if an emergency occurs and that person doesn't have any insurance cover, then he can really even go bankrupt. So you should definitely look for a job which provides you with such perks. But it doesn't mean that you will not attend the interviews for these companies.

    You should definitely go and attend these 3 interviews also as they will give you a lot of experience on how to speak and present yourself during the interviews and also you will come to know about your mistakes. You can definitely ask them to provide you the facility of medical insurance and if they agree, then maybe you can think of joining that company. But don't be disheartened even if they don't . Look for other jobs in newspapers and on the internet( naukri.com) and I am sure you will definitely find such which will give you such benefits.

    Good luck for your future

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