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    Is switching of companies good from professional point of view?

    I have been working in IT industry for 3 years. Now,I have received job offers from other companies. Many of my colleagues have switched companies.Is switching of companies good from professional point of view ? Will it helpful to me for a better future?

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    Re: Is switching of companies good from professional point of view?

    Hi buddy

    You should not be switching companies as that is certainly not good from the professional point of view. You should preferably take up a job in your field and not switch over to other industries which have no relation to your field. If you are satisfied with your present job and have no problems with the working conditions and also have good growth opportunities there then you should certainly not give up your job just because you want to follow your friends and do as they say . Use your own mind and dont go for the other jobs blindly.

    If you kep on switching from one company to another then you will have no job stability and you may or may not be able to adjust to the new work environment. Also you may have to start from the scratch when you join the new company if in the same sector.So better you remain in the same company and show your full dedication there rather than switching over jobs. I am sure you will have more success in your professional life if you stay in one company .

    Take your decision wisely as it concerns your future. Good luck and Thanks bud

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