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    Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    I have just completed my graduation and am now looking for a job. Recently during one of my interviews one of the interviews suddenly started conversing with me in Hindi. As I am not comfortable with the language I wasn’t able to speak much. So I was very disappointed. How to deal with such a situation in future?

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    Dear aspirant,
    We are Indians and our national language is Hindi so you should learn Hindi first because it will help u in future and its happen with me also many times they are taking test of Your communication and language proficiency which is really required in such a department so be careful for next time.best of luck.

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    Surprise element in the interviews is the key factor which you have to deal with properly in order to achieve success in the interviews and create good impression in the minds of the interviewer.In every interview which you will attend from now on,you will see that some set of questions are common and few surprising questions.

    The interviewers very well know the fact that the candidates who are serious with the job will definitely come prepared with the answers to the common questions that are asked generally to test the personality and knowledge of the candidates.They will also come prepared with the professional knowledge as well.Hence,they try to create something surprising for the candidate and see how well the aspirant adapt to the new situation and can face the new challenge thrown towards them.

    Hindi is our national language and you must learn it.You may have to face this kind of challenges in future as well.So you should get prepared with this from now on inorder to avoid any sort of disappointment in future.It is not the time to get disappointed.Rather you should work hard to improve your hindi.You can join various training centers of languages where Hindi is taught.You can also consult books of Hindi to improve your hindi and try to interact and practice more talking in Hindi.

    This type of test is usually done in the interviews to test how quickly a student can handle a new situation and to what perfection.It is also tested during cases when posting of yours after selection will be in such a location where you have to be fluent in Hindi to handle a particular section of customers who does not know English and can talk only in Hindi.So,get prepared and try to improve your Hindi to your level best.

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi


    I can understand your point of dissapointment.Speaking in English is essential for official purpose,at the same time you have to be fluent in Hindi also.The interviewer started talking to you in English as he wanted to check your communication skills in our national language.Actually knowing the language of Hindi is also essential in order to communicate with all strata's of people.If you cannot speak Hindi at all,then atleast you should make it a point to learn it in such a way so that you can make the other person understand what you are trying to say.Even if you get this job by any chance,then also your Hindi skills will be essential for your job.

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer's conversation in Hindi

    Dear friend,

    Yes off course because Hindi is a our national language.
    You should learn Hindi first.
    You can read and write Hindi also because it will helps to your and future also.
    You can improve your communication skills because many interviews conduct only English.
    You can speak English fluently.
    Hindi language it helps to you can go for out of state and you can easily mange your language like you can speak Hindi.

    So you must learn English,Hindi,Telugu languages.


    GOOD LUCK..............

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi


    In this kind you should not be dissapointed.

    You should have mentioned your interviewer that you are not comfortable speaking in hindi and iff it will be ok if you can answer in english.

    There is no problem if you talk in English if you are dont want to speak any other language.

    This will not affect your interview nor it will have any bad remark on you.

    Be frank and clear while you are in an interview.

    Thank you

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    To get rid of this problem of yours, the best solution is that you should also learn to speak in hindi because hindi is the mother language of our country and no matter how good you get in your English conversation, but you should always have your command in your hindi language too. Therefore, try to learn hindi and it will also be a great help whenever you will apply for the government job where hindi language is a must

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    If you are not good in Hindi than you can mention in interview that you are not good in Hindi and thus cannot speak and understand the same.

    As Hindi is one of the most important language in the country and though also the national language it is quite possible that you can face similar

    situation in future at the places where you are applying right now.

    Also due to its importance it might be possible that the field you are applying requires Hindi due to which the interviewer was seeing that you

    know Hindi or not as like in the sales world you often have to deal with the people that only know and understand Hindi so at that time it really

    becomes important that you also know Hindi with English.

    Also as it is widely spoken so during work also it is possible that sometimes you have to talk with your colleagues in Hindi and thus not knowing the

    same can cause you problems in your routine working.

    So if you are not comfortable with Hindi than you should apply to places that doesn't require the same as it will be comfortable for you in future, Also

    if it is possible for you than it would be great that you learn Hindi as it is also as important as English specially in this part of the world.

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    Dear you should not be disappointed in this case because the interviewer was trying to talk to you in Hindi Language that is Rajbhasha of India and if you do not have enough knowledge about this language then do not worry you should go somewhere and learn this language if you do not want the same situation in future and you are right that you may loose more opportunities because of not having good knowledge of hindi language that is why first of all learn it and when you learn then you should make yourself proficient in this language and you must learn it because you are Indian and if you will not learn then how will be live as Indian and most of the companies and organizations wants proficiency in both English and Hindi Language that is why you should not leave opportunities because of the lack of knowledge in Hindi so make yourself expert and if you do not learn and face the same thing again then you should say sorry to interviewer and tell them that sir I am not comfortable with this language and I can not communicate well so please ask me in English Language

    All the best

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    its not a big problem you can directly tell the interviewer that your weak in hindi and you can start your conversation in Hindi as best as possible with him as your good enough in official language English generally all interviewers speak in english you need to develop hindi as a personal one just to communicate with people when your relocated with work only...

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    Re: Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi

    Big surprise part within the job interviews is paramount component that you just have to deal with appropriately to have achievement within the job interviews and make excellent impact within the brains on the interviewer.In each meeting which you will enroll in from now on,you will recognize that several set of queries are typical in addition to few amazing questions.

    This interviewers well know the point that a candidates who will be significant with all the work is sure to occur organized having the resolution to the normal queries that are expected commonly to examine a individuality and knowledge on the candidates.They may even occur organized with all the professional information because well.Hence,they will try and create one thing amazing with the customer and see how good a aspirant accommodate the revolutionary problem and may face the revolutionary obstacle done towards them.

    Hindi is your country wide language therefore you ought to understand it.You may possibly need to face these kinds of obstacles in the future because well.So you ought to get organized with this particular from now on inorder in order to avoid any sort of disappointment inside future.It is not the time period to obtain disappointed.Rather you need to work difficult to boost your hindi.You can easily sign up for several schools of 'languages' wherever Hindi is taught.You might also consult books of Hindi to help boost your hindi and try to socialize and employ additional communicating inside Hindi.

    This kind of test will likely be carried out in a job interviews to examine how much quicker the scholar are designed for a new problem in addition to about the perfection.It is usually analyzed throughout cases when publishing of the one you have right after variety will be in that spot wherever you have to be fluent inside Hindi to address a selected component of shoppers that does not know English and may talk just inside Hindi.So,obtain organized and try to boost your Hindi for your levels best.
    you shouldn't become upset in such cases because job interviewer seemed to be attempting to talk to anyone inside Hindi Terminology that's Rajbhasha of China and if a sensational scene enough knowledge about this particular language subsequently do not concern yourself anyone moves anywhere in addition to understand this particular language if perhaps you do not need the exact same problem in the future and you are also correct that you loose additional chances as a consequence of without needing excellent information about Hindi language this is the reason for starters understand it in addition to while you understand then you must make yourself experienced in this particular language.

    Therefore you ought to understand it simply because you happen to be American Indian in addition to should you not necessarily understand subsequently how become survive because American Indian in addition to many of the companies in addition to institutions needs skills in English in addition to Hindi Terminology that's for you to not necessarily abandon chances because the lack of understanding inside Hindi thus make yourself professional in addition to if you can't understand in addition to face exactly the same thing once more then you must express remorseful to help job interviewer in addition to say to them in which there That's not me confident with this particular language in addition to I cannot connect effectively thus make sure you question my family inside English Language.

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