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    Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea

    I am working in a government organisation. All my colleagues always keep sucking upto the boss whenever they get the chance and they also advise me to do the same. But I donít think that sucking upto the boss is my cup of tea. I am not that type of person. Will this affect my career? Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea

    Hi aspirant

    Sucking upto your boss is always a good habit if you want to have an edge over other employees in your company. You should not be ashamed of yourself if you suck upto your boss because in this way he will give you many extra perks which will not be given to others. But in case you think that you can't do it or it is not your cup of tea, then you should think again. But whatever may happen you should atleast try to maintain good relations with your boss otherwise you will never be able to progress in your company.

    You should always make it a point to obey your boss's orders and never to cntradict what he says even if you feel its wrong. This might hurt his ego and you may be in trouble. Never disrespect your boss and never ever try to challenge him.Always have the patience to listen to him and whenever you make any mistake unknowingly always make it a point to apologize without bringing your ego in between. This is the only way you can progress in your job and i hope that you understand it.

    Good luck for your future. Thanks

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    Re: Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea

    hiii Friend,
    having a faith in your capabilities is more important. Your hard work and performance will last but not your personal relationships at your office. You can pamper your seniors and they will grant you favors one or two times and moreover nothing is permanent in professional world, neither you will have them as their seniors always nor will they have you as your juniors. So its better to work hard and focus on your performance because at the end it will be the only thing that would matter. You are perfectly on the right track.. Do well .. ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea

    Dear nothing will effect your career because adulating your boss is not so good to make a good image in the company and a person can make image better by his work and performance and his result shows everything that what he/she do and what can also do in future that is why you do not need to adulate your boss just like your colleagues because they have wrong intention in mind that if they will serve for boss then boss will give positive feedback but whenever higher authority will ask something from the boss then boss will also convert his arguments then they will understand and work can not be hidden at any cost so that you should think about your working performance in the company and try to give your best to the department and work always honestly for better career

    All the best

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    Re: Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea


    I'm glad to know that you are not one of them, and these things will never help for a long time. These thing will never going to affect your career in bad way. Try to focus following points:-

    1. Relationship with you boss.
    2. Be focused on your work.
    3. Maintain relationship with co-employee also.
    4. Your performance is the only thing that can help in future.


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    Re: Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea

    dear friend
    this is good thing that you are not one of them
    it can help you for some short time period but for a long period
    so it will not effect you at all
    so dont worry about this
    just do your work with honesty
    and never ever argue with your boss
    be punctual

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