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    Strange looks from co-worker

    I am a female working person in an MNC. Everyday I find one of my co-worker who sits before me to stare at me. Sometimes he also gives strange looks.This is quite uncomfortable for me at times. What should I do as I am a shy type person? Moreover he is working from much before than me.

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    Hi friend

    If someone is behaving in a wrong manner then you should certainly take some action against him and not just sit quietly. Dont be afraid as no one has the right to behave in such a way with you. Even if he has been working in the company from much before than you , it doesn't give him the right to behave in an inappropriate manner with you. He should learn to respect women and should learn proper morals and manners.

    So you should go and speak to him directly and tell him starightforward that he should stop staring at you and give you strange looks. He should behave with you like he behaves with other employees. He should learn some basic manners and how to respect women. I am sure he will be ashamed of himself and will never repeat it again.

    If he doesnt improve then you should report him to the higher management . Then they will take strict action against him and teach him a lesson. Good luck. Thanks

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker


    If someone is behaving strange to you then you should be serious at it.
    You must not tolerate his behavior though he is working here before you came.

    You must go to him and ask him the reason for his such behavior.
    He should show respect towards new employees.
    You should tell that he should not stare and give strange looks otherwise you will complain about it to your boss or manager.

    He will surely mind your words.
    If he does not behave respectfully then you can tell it to your boss.

    Such a situation may disturb you in your work and regular activities.
    So, get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

    All the best

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    Dear Friend,

    If you co-worker is starring at you and giving you strange do not panic and don't waste your time by thinking about your colleague. There is no sense that you colleague is giving you strange looks there might be some doubts, jealousy, liking about you from that person.Don't take it in negative manner after all you are co-workers.

    You should go to that person and ask simply what is the reason behind that tough or strange looks and try to solve the problem if any kind of stress you are giving to your colleague.Believe me there is no matter which cannot be solved by talking to that person you are having in problem with.

    If still your colleague misbehaves then you should take a stand and complain to the concern department of office regarding that person's attitude and misbehavior. You should also tell the senior members in your office about that problem.

    But you are not adviced at all to misbehave and be in argument with that person in any case because it will leave a bad impression of yours as well. In very bad conditions you might get fired for your misbehavior or misconduct. So keeping your professional life in mind be calm and have patience.

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    As you are an female employee then its obvious some of the male employee will look at you in a continuous manner, never take those things seriously as it is the habit of some people when they see any new girl they want to make friendship with you so may be they will also try to speak with you and also ask you for friendship.
    But you should do that what you like to do because nobody will force you for anything.
    If you have any problem with those guys who see you in strange manner then you should ignore that or you can say them what is the problem once they get the treatment then they will never see you again in strange manner.
    If they are doing some stupid actions while seeing you then also you need to ignore and not look to them then they will stop doing that.
    If anybody is abusing you then you can directly call to the women helpline number to get the protection.
    Never worry for these kind of situation because these kind of people are every where even when you walk on the road then also many people will look at you in a strange manner at that time you ignore them, so the samething you can do with the employees just ignore them till the time you dont feel insecure.

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    Dear this is the time that you stop bearing this at all because this type of behavior is called unofficial and may effect the performance of anyone because if someone do this with you then you will definitely be uncomfortable while working and mainly in his presence so you should not see this just like that and take action against this

    Whenever he looks at you while working then you should directly say that - What are you looking at me and why do you do this everyday and if you will say this to him in front of all employees then this will be good for you because once he will feel shy in front of all employees in office then he will never try to do it again in front of you and try to make good relations with everyone so they could support you at that time and I am sure that the person will leave looking you like strangers so sometimes we have to be strict in this type of cases

    You may also ask him about it personally that why he do this with you then he will shy and will think about this because this is a bad activity and no one can do this with anyone so you have to find a separate way

    All the best

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    Re: Strange looks form co-worker

    Hi friend,

    I think this is bad situation
    You can complain to your HR
    You can explain everything your co -employee behavior
    You can ask to your Co-worker also
    So you don't worry
    You can change your seating also

    all the best................

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    Re: Strange looks from co-worker

    this is a common thing which happens in this country. But you should not be a victim of such teasing. In 2013, the government has passed on a law that you can file a case against the person who even stares at you. Therefore whenever from now onwards do such kind of things, you should straight away tell them if they wont stop, you are going to file a case against them
    I am sure that they will get frightened and stop their cheap deeds.
    Gud luck

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