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    Steps to write a good Maternity Leave letter?

    Planning to take up the maternity leave by tomorrow and I need to write a formal letter stating about my Maternity leave to Manager but I am quite not sure what format should I follow? So can you please tell me the format of the letter and if possible a sample letter for the same?

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    Re: Steps to write a good Maternity Leave letter?

    Situations like a mternity leave are very common in offices where young female professionals are working. I am sure that you would definitely get the letter. Begin with addressing the manager and stating the subject of your letter as 'Maternity leave for so and so months'. Please make sure that you take adequate time off before hand because extending the leave later doesn't give a good impression.
    In the body of the letter state very formally that since you are expecting your baby on so and so date and the doctor has advised you take an off from your job for a certain number of months, you are seeking his permission to take those months off. You can also mention that it is important for your health. You can also offer to help the office by working from home incase a situation arises where your duties are indispensable. This will make the manager feel that you are inclined towards your duties even when you are at home.
    In the end you can write 'thanking you in anticipation' and end the letter by saying that you would be highly obliged if the manager permits you to take the required time off. I wish you get permission for a maternity leave and have a nice time with your new born baby.

    All the best. Thank you.

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