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    Steps to patent the idea inside company?

    I am working in one of the top MNC company and right now I have a good idea which as the efficiency to be patented and published in IEEE but I have no idea how to patent the idea from my company? What all steps I should follow for it? Please give me the full information from your experience.

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    Re: Steps to patent the idea inside company?

    Re: Steps to patent the idea inside company?


    I think these problem face to the many employees in a company.

    You can protect your own ideas and your invitation is more than other employee invitations ideas.

    Simply your ideas is worthless, you need to have proof of when you came up with the idea for your invitation.
    Write down everything you can think of that relates to your invitation.
    The first step to Patenting your idea.
    The second step Research your ideas.

    I think this steps are i have suggestion to you.
    So you can problem solve and you can try to best ideas think that.


    GOOD LUCK............

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    Re: Steps to patent the idea inside company?

    1 First of all write down your theory in a research paper form.

    2 Try to find out possible inputs and outputs if your research get sponsorship

    3 Make a short presentation on the your research work.

    4 try to collect maximum possible proofs practically or theoretically .

    Now it's time to show your work to patent providing authority,they will ask you a lot of questions related to your work.If you find a partner with you then i think work will be divided and you will give better presentation.

    Best of luck.

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