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    Steps to follow for writing a Delivery Rejection Notice?

    I need to know the steps to form a proper Delivery Rejection Notice to write it against the provider from my company as the goods which they supply are not as good as before. So can you please provide me samples if possible and how to make it clear with the product information? Thanks.

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    Re: Steps to follow for writing a Delivery Rejection Notice?

    Hello guest !!

    yes you can properly reject any services which are being provided by the company from long time.

    1. first of all be cool and calm while writing.
    2. dont put any harsh statement in the letter,because it will be read by human only.
    3. try to tell them the condition of their previous gooda and present one.
    4. ask them to provide the good quality,and then ask them to reject for the present and assure them that you can avail their goods in comming date.
    pushp ranjan singh

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