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    Steps to ban smoking in office premises?

    I am a Senior employee of a private company. There is a good number of employees who smoke. Now they are starting to smoke in the office premises. As a result this is interfering in the healthy working atmosphere. What should I do inorder to ban smoking in the office premises?

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    Re: Steps to ban smoking in office premises?


    As a senior employee if you have powers you can order to put up notice stating "No Smoking Zone".once you put up such a notice then they wont be able to smoke within office premises.Also mention,fine of Rs.250 will be charged if anybody is found smoking within office.Mere putting up and order wont help.Authorities need to be stringent in maintaining such discipline.

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    Re: Steps to ban smoking in office premises?

    you should certainly and definitely go to management and tell them that some of your employees should be given moral classes.. Shame on their part on smoking in office area,smoking in office area is serious crime and your manager should object it and strict action should be taken.. You should protest against smoking in office by educating them how it causes health issues to other employees and causing breathing problems.. Its not about good number of people who smoke, majority is not the matter its the matter of discipline.. I hope your employees are mature enough to understand this....

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    Re: Steps to ban smoking in office premises?

    Hello Friends,
    Yeah its totally an unethical behavior to smoke in company premises ,but when a large number of people are following the trend then its difficult to take action against each and everyone ,in that case you can make some overall policy for company as a whole and mark all working floors as no smoking zone ,you can found that many shops must have settled outside company premises so its very easy for the employees to get cigars,so how ever strict you become they will keep smoking hiding from others or you.so better to declare a open place like terrace or outside garden as smoking zone .in this case the employee will feel free that there is zone where nobody will say anything if they smoke so they wont do any thing in floor or common people places.but it does not mean that you should encourage smoking you should bring awareness among the employees regarding its ill effects on human body by circulating mails,posters in floor and doing some classes like yoga and other classes by which they can join and get rid of this bad habit. because its really difficult for a chain smoker to leave smoking at once it will go gradually.
    Thank You.

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    Re: Steps to ban smoking in office premises?

    As you are a senior in your office so you can use many methods to prevent smoking in your office,some tips are-

    1 Put a notice- " No smoking zone "

    2 you can put this notice " Smoking is dangerous for lungs "

    3 If employee not paying attention then you can put the notice for financial penalties on such candidates

    4 Writing the warning - " Smoking in office may lead to quit your job "

    I think all the employees are well educated so they are expected to follow these rules.

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    Re: Steps to ban smoking in office premises?

    You should first create a policy about smoking in the OFFICE Premises and circulate this among all the staff of the Office.
    Also put this notice on the employee Notice Board.
    Pu up the stickers like No smoking area in those areas where you do not want staff to do smoking..
    Any how smoking at public places and offices are prohibited.
    So after this notice if any employee is found doing so, you can issue a warning letter

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